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Eagles vs. Bears 2013: Weather Report

Expect rain.

Stephen Dunn

As everyone knows by now, tonight's Eagles-Bears game on Sunday Night Football has the makings of a shootout. Two high-powered offenses square off in what could be a very meaningful game. The weather in Philadelphia won't have the same effect on the game as it did the last time the Eagles played at home (see: snow game), but it could still be a factor.

The temperature is extremely nice considering it's late December. The high is 71 (F) and the low is 57. According to, there's a 30% chance of rain starting at 6 PM. Isolated thunderstorms are in play. By game time (8:30 PM), the chance of rain jumps up to 50%. Wind is also expected with gusts SSW at 9 MPH. The temperature at kickoff is expected to be 62 degrees. The rain is supposed to last into Monday morning, so this isn't just a passing shower.

Warm weather but sloppy conditions could make for an ideal day to grind it out on the ground. That's certainly a situation that favors the Eagles. Chicago is terrible against the run while the Eagles are the best in the league. Expect a lot of offense in this game.

Dress accordingly and drive safe, everyone.

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