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Nick Foles is the Eagles Quarterback for the Next 1,000 Years

Immortal Foles

Rich Schultz

In what has become a weekly tradition, Eagles coach Chip Kelly was asked about the status of Nick Foles regarding the team's future at quarterback. Foles has undoubtedly played well since taking over for Michael Vick. Foles has thrown 19 TD and 0 INT, just one TD away from the record previously set by Peyton Manning earlier this 2013 season.

Asked if Foles is the Eagles' starter beyond this year, Kelly had the following to say:

Yeah, as long as he can stay healthy.  That's what I've qualified it with all the time.  That is one thing I don't think anybody can predict the health of anybody.  That is a reality.  How many quarterbacks have gone down this season in the National Football League?  It's a pretty high amount.  I think that's one thing everybody has to understand when you're going into this thing.  It's a very, very difficult game.  They take a lot of hits.  I understand why they protect the quarterback in this league because of the hits they do take.  When you have a quarterback that's durable and can last, that's when you know you've got a guy.

Kelly's statement about health is consistent with what he's said throughout the year. Prior to Foles officially being named the starter, Kelly claimed he would not make a decision about the quarterback position until Vick was healthy. Kelly stayed true to his word. When Vick returned to health, Kelly sat down with both QBs and told them Foles was being named the starter from now on.

But is Kelly committing to Foles beyond 2013?

He's the starting quarterback for the next 1,000 years.  That's what I just said.

Where does this Chip Kelly guy get off, anyway? First, he thinks he's smarter than everyone. Now, he thinks his sports science program can make players immortal? Just joking. And so is Kelly here, but the sentiment holds true. Foles is playing well. If that continues, especially down this critical four game stretch to end the season, he will have every chance to be the starter here in the long-term. The thing is, Kelly isn't ready to make that decision right now. And he shouldn't have to. That kind of decision can be made after the season. Right now, as Kelly has said many times, it's all about taking things on a week to week basis.

Right now, I'm on a one‑week deal.  I don't think Nick's going to come in tomorrow and say I don't want to play anymore because you guys don't want me here six weeks from now.  So the questions we get asked about it long‑term, right now is not long‑term.  Long‑term for us is this Sunday against the Detroit Lions, that is the end of the deal.

It's hard to critique this approach, especially when you consider the results. The Eagles are on a four game winning streak, so I would say things are working out just fine.

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