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NFL Playoff Picture 2013: Will the Eagles Win the NFC East?

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The NFL playoff picture became a little clearer as Week 15 came and gone, but there are still two weeks to go before the end of the regular season. As for the Eagles, they suffered a loss to the Vikings, but were fortunate to have seen the Cowboys also drop a game. That meant the Eagles retained their first place spot in the NFC East. I detailed the updated look at the Eagles' playoff picture earlier in the week. It's important to know that the Eagles no longer have a chance at a first round bye or a wildcard spot. It's "win-the-division or bust."

The Eagles can officially clinch NFC East this week in one of two ways:

1) PHI win + DAL loss/tie


2) PHI tie + DAL loss

It might be hard to envision the Redskins beating Dallas considering how bad they've been this year, but it's worth noting Dallas struggles on the road. The Cowboys are 5-2 are home but 2-5 away. Kirk Cousins starting at QB also seemed to have the Redskins playing a little better than they have recently. It could happen.

As you can see, Philadelphia still controls their destiny with two games to go. But how likely is it that the Eagles will actually win a playoff berth? Let's see what the odds have to say:

According to Football Outsiders, the Eagles' playoff odds moved from 67.1% to 70.7%. The Cowboys' odds dropped from 36.8% to 29.3%

Sports Club Stats put the Eagles' chance of making the playoffs at 54.7%. The Cowboys are slightly lower at 45.3%.

PredictionMachine gives the Eagles a 71.5% chance, and the Cowboys a 28.5% chance.

Via r/eagles, here's a useful chart of every scenario for how the NFC East can be won. As reference, here's a link to ESPN's NFL Playoff Machine.

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