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Will Teddy Bridgewater's decision impact the Eagles' draft?

Quarterback is a premium position, but with several college prospects staying in school, the drought of talent could force possible selections up-and-down draft boards.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, once-considered a sure-fire top three selection, is now contemplating a return to his university. The junior quarterback has not made a decision on jumping to the NFL, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy. With Oregon's Marcus Mariota staying at Oregon and UCLA's Brett Hundley likely to follow his lead, Bridgewater along with Fresno State's Derek Carr and Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel are the clear cream of the crop.

The Eagles are likely set at quarterback with Nick Foles for at least the next season, so a quarterback prospect would not seem to be a target. However, with so many moving parts, several talented defensive players will slide down the board as teams jump to get their hands on a passer. Georgia's Aaron Murray and LSU's Zach Mettenberger have both suffered ACL injuries that are likely to keep them out for most of 2014, which means the crop of able arms will be even more limited.

With teams likely desperate to jump on a passer before they are gone, the Eagles could use that as leverage to move forward or backward in the draft. Depending on whether Bridgewater stays or goes, the Eagles leverage will take a major step up or down. The Louisville passer is likely to make a decision after the December 28th's Russell Athletic Bowl, which will be just days before the Eagles face the Cowboys in Dallas with the playoffs likely on the line.

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