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Chip Kelly Shuts Down Texas Longhorns Rumors

He's not going anywhere.

"Not coming to a Lone Star State near you!"
"Not coming to a Lone Star State near you!"
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

So apparently this has become a "thing".

From now until the end of time itself, Chip Kelly is going to be unreasonably linked to major college football head coach openings. There was already a time of ridiculously un-sourced speculation regarding Chip Kelly and the USC coaching vacancy. The latest rumor is that the Texas Longhorns are targeting Kelly as a replacement for UT coach Mack Brown.

Just as Kelly shot down the USC rumors earlier in the season, he did the same with the Texas rumors on Monday.

"I understand you have to ask the question but I'm not involved in any jobs. I'm the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm going to prepare for the Bears and prepare for the Cowboys after that. Hopefully we have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and I'm going to be here for a while."

Kelly said he doesn't know why his name is being linked to the Texas job, saying that "it's just speculation."

Look, Chip isn't going anywhere. Convenient reminder: Kelly couldn't return to college anytime soon even if he wanted to. Kelly is facing an 18-month show-clause that prohibits from Kelly coaching in the college football ranks until 2015. The Eagles didn't hand over a $32.5 million, 6 year guaranteed contract to a guy they didn't trust or believe in. Stop the madness.

On second thought, maybe the rumors are true. Chip Kelly is going to Texas after all. Except it's not to coach the Longhorns. It's to beat the Cowboys on December 29th in the season finale.

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