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BGN Radio: Eagles vs. Vikings 2013 Recap

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Episode #15 - Tune in! Discussing the Eagles' 48-30 loss to the Vikings.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the newest edition of BGN Radio!

BGN Radio is Bleeding Green Nation's regularly scheduled podcast. Each week, myself, Mike Kaye, James Seltzer, and John Barchard will be here to talk about your beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

This episode focuses on a number of topics, including:

• Hear from our Eagles-Bears tickets winner - Quinten! (@QMike95)

• BGN Radio hotline - Call in and share your opinions. The number is 267-245-6066.

• Not Chip Kelly's best day

• Frustration, disappointment, angst

• What went wrong?

• Eagles' secondary woes are a primary concern

• Where is the defense?

• Fixable mistakes?

• Finding positives in the loss

• Officiating errors

• Feelings on the team moving forward down the stretch

• And more!



Download - Click here to download this episode.