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Eagles vs. Vikings 2013: Game Predictions

How are you feeling about this one?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This is absolutely a game the Eagles should win.

The Vikings are decimated with injuries. Minnesota is likely missing: two running backs (Adrian Peterson, Toby Gerhart), a starting guard (Brandon Fusco), two or three starting corners (Xavier Rhodes, Josh Robinson, maybe Chris Cook), and two starting tight ends (Kyle Rudolph, John Carlson).

Beyond the injuries, the 3-9-1 Vikings are just not a very good team. Minnesota ranks 25th overall in Football Outsiders' DVOA metric. They allow the second most points per game in the league at 30.4. The most redeemable thing about the Vikings is their special teams unit, which is headlined by rookie receiver Cordarelle Patterson.

Meanwhile, the Eagles are red hot. It feels like a broken record by now but it bears repeating: it's been nine straight games where the Eagles have only allowed 21 points. Philadelphia is riding a five game winning streak. Everything is clicking. The Eagles have won recently in different ways: they held off comebacks from the Redskins/Cardinals and staged a comeback of their own against the Lions in the snow. Sunday could be a chance for the Eagles to blow out the competition.

The Vikings haven't been dominated all year, but today would be a good chance for the Eagles to blow out their opponent and show the rest of the league that they mean business heading into the heat of the final stretch. The way I see it, the Vikings will come out early playing hard and trying to overcompensate for the abundance of injuries and lack of talent. It won't last, however, because the Eagles simply outmatch Minnesota. The game will stay close at first but then Philadelphia will start to pull away later in the game for the win.

Trap game, shmap game. Chip Kelly doesn't have his team overlooking this one.

Suggested format:

Score prediction:
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My predictions:

Score prediction: 31-17, Eagles win.
Bold prediction: Fletcher Cox defensive touchdown.

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