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NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 15: Eagles Compilation

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?


Yesterday at the site I released my Week 15 NFL Power Rankings. But what is only one opinion worth?

So here is a round up of how various media outlets have ranked your Philadelphia Eagles. Let's start by revisiting mine:

9) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 9) - Hottest team in the NFL. Legitimately good. First place in the NFC East.

SB Nation NFL

11) In a battle of cold weather teams in a blizzard...pick the one that actually plays outside? The Eagles seemed a lot more comfortable in the cold, and while LeSean McCoy doesn't conjure the image of your classic mudder he had no trouble dashing through the snow to the tune of 217 yards. The Eagles hold a tiebreaker over the Lions, get to face a Vikings team without Adrian Peterson and wrap things up against a Dallas team without any semblance of a defense. Things are looking up for Chip Kelly's boys. (LW: 12)

The Phinsider

7) Nick Foles threw an interception. The world, however, did not end - though it was trying to freeze in this game. (LW: 8)

Big Blue View

9. Philadelphia Eagles (8-5): Welcome to the top 10, Philly. The Eagles played lights out in the second half in the snow en route to a fifth straight win. (LW: 11)

Field Gulls

10. Eagles - Dangerous in eight inches of snow. (LW: 11)

Mile High Report

It's no secret that I am anxious for the Chiefs to lose another game, so I can start putting some of these five loss teams ahead of them. I already think the Eagles deserve to be ahead of Alex Smith and the Chiefs, but it is hard to win in the NFL - even against third string quarterbacks - so I couldn't justify the move. LeSean McCoy didn't suck for a change on Sunday, well he did actually until the fourth quarter when he exploded for 150 yards rushing and led the Eagles to 28 points and a convincing win over the Lions. (LW: 10)

Cincy Jungle

8) Who can run in the snow? LeSean McCoy can run in the snow. (LW: 9)

Blogging the Boys

9) At some point we have to consider the idea that the Eagles may actually be a pretty good football team. Their ability to make a comeback in a small blizzard against Detroit riding the back of RB LeSean McCoy after Nick Foles carried them through the last few games on his apparent golden arm, makes the Eagles look extremely difficult to stop at this point in the season, and a difficult match up for Dallas in a probable win or go home week 17 game. (LW: 12)

Music City Miracles

8) Philadelphia Eagles

Arrowhead Pride

9) Average score of 8.8


9) Snowy field, no problem for LeSean McCoy. This guy was insane and may just help lead this team to an NFC East division crown. They certainly gained some ground on the Cowboys this week. (LW: 11)


9) Nick Foles had one completion past the line of scrimmage in the first half Sunday. However, Foles went 5-of-9 after halftime, with all five completions more than 10 yards downfield. (LW: 10)


9) Sleet, snow, hail or rain can't stop Chip Kelly's offense. They are rolling on that side of the ball. (LW: 10)


9) Eagles (8-5; No. 10): On Sunday, the Iggles played like they live in igloos.


9) Nick Foles and the offense have been getting the majority of the attention, but very quietly, the Eagles defense has held opponents under 21 points for nine straight weeks and forced multiple turnovers in five straight games. (LW: 9)


9. Philadelphia Eagles (8-5, LW: 9)
I still think this team's roster needs a lot of work. But they're a team nobody really wants to play in the first round of the playoff

Analysis: The Eagles have caught the eye of the national audience and they're getting respect. The rankings range from 7 to 11. It may seem like I'm splitting hairs here, but 11 seems too low. The Eagles are a top 10 team in the NFL right now, just like I said last week. They are obviously closer to 10 than they are the top spot, but they should still be in that top 10 range. Most sites recognize this and commonly have the Eagles ranked at 9.

Philadelphia didn't jump up too far in my rankings due to teams in front of them also winning. If those teams slip and Philadelphia continues their hot streak up, it wouldn't be hard to see the Eagles making a more significant rise down the stretch.

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