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Eagles vs. Cardinals Final Score: Eagles Hold Off Cardinals, Win 24-21

Big win!

Maddie Meyer

Big game. Let's get it started.


Eagles win the toss, but defer to receive. Cardinals ball to start the game. Arizona gets to third down... and a fumble! Trent Cole comes on the edge and strips the ball out of Carson Palmer's hands. Bennie Logan jumps on it for the recovery. Good start for this Eagles defense.

Offense starts with very good field position. Brent Celek converts a first down with defenders on his back. Celek is a man. Next play, Foles rolls out after a play fake to LeSean McCoy and throws to Zach Ertz for a touchdown! Awesome start here. The crowd is nice and loud. 7-0, Eagles.

Cardinals up. Bradley Fletcher penalized on third down for "picking a player up and throwing them to the ground", as explained by the officials. No matter: next play, Carson Palmer airs it out deep and Nate Allen makes a play. Interception! Allen is the 8th different Eagle to have a pick this year. Man, this defense.

Eagles on offense. Nothing going, three and out, punt. Good coverage.

Cardinals ball. Arizona gets close to the middle of the field before a Rob Housler drop on third down forces the Cards to punt.

Eagles up. Great extension catch by Zach Ertz on first down. Eagles going to the tight ends early. Next set of downs, three and out. A couple of Shady runs aren't enough for a first. Punt. Once again, good punt coverage. Brandon Boykin trips up return man Patrick Peterson.

Cards up and driving. DeMeco Ryans gets a sack on a play where Vinny Curry was held. That's the end of the first.


Cards deep pass is incomplete. Punt, and it's a good one. It gets downed at the 2 yard line.

Eagles pinned deep. First couple of plays give them some breathing room and space to work with. Eagles sticking with the running game. Bryce Brown runs out of bounds for an 8 yard loss. Oof. Eagles drive stalls and they're forced to punt. Punt hits a Cardinals player on the return, so it's a live ball for the Eagles to recover. The ball is recovered by a Cards player who then returns it but then fumbles as he's going down. Eagles recover. The player goes under review... and the second fumble is overturned. Back to Cards ball. Fortunate for Arizona.

Cards driving. A third down catch is spotted for a first, but Kelly throws the red flag. The challenge is... successful. Fourth down. Cards convert it anyway. Palmer is sacked big time by Brandon Graham.  It's 3rd and 20. So naturally, next play, touchdown. Palmer finds, you guessed it, Larry Fitzgerald for a score. Fitzgerald catches the ball over the middle as two Eagles defenders tackle each other and leave open field to work with. Sloppy. 7-7, tie game.

Time for the Eagles offense to step up. Eagles driving and moving the sticks. Amazing one handed catch by Riley Cooper on a highly thrown ball from Foles puts the Eagles into the redzone. Brad Smith wildcat play goes for a loss. Yikes. Foles is sacked and the Eagles kick a field goal. Alex Henery 32 yard chip shot is good. Not a bad drive. 10-7, Eagles.

Cards up, but nothing going. Punt.

Eagles on offense, and the first play is a gorgeous wheel route completion to DeSean. That's 1000+ yards receiving for DJacc on the year. Foles completes a short pass to Shady as he's falling down to pick up 5 yards. Brett Favre-esque. Foles airs it out on the next play, and Patrick Peterson drops an interception in the end zone. Cooper catches a pass that sets up a 4th and short. The Eagles go for it, and a Bryce Brown run helps them get it. Cooper draws pass interference in the end zone on the next play, and that helps set up a Foles throw to Celek for a touchdown. That's TD number 18 for Foles on the season, and still no picks. 17-7, Eagles.


Eagles ball to start the second half. Nick Foles read option keepers! Running quarterback. Eagles driving. DeSean gets laid out on a screen read perfectly by Tyrann Mathieu, but he gets up. Later on the drive, Foles connects with rookie tight end Zach Ertz over the middle for a score! 13 plays, 80 yards, 4:44 minutes. Ertz is having a day. Nick Foles: 19 TD, 0 INT. One away from tying the NFL record set by Peyton Manning this season. Crazy. 24-7, Eagles.

Cards back up. A Patrick Chung missed tackled leads to a big gain. The Eagles really need Earl Wolff to get healthy.  Arizona moves into scoring position and a Palmer to Michael Floyd connection is good for a touchdown. An Eagles penalty gave the Cards an automatic first down at one point on the drive. Two possession game. 24-14, Eagles.

Nothing going on the offensive end for Philadelphia. Foles has a ball batted down by Cardinals DL Calais Campbell. Donnie Jones hits a 69 yard punt.

Cards up. First play, Brandon Graham SACK. Graham exploded through the line on the play. That's his second on the day. Cards convert on third down, but then disaster strikes. A Cary Williams interception ends this Cardinals drive.

Eagles up and it's a three and out. Foles is having a good day against a good defense, but he's leaving some easy throws out there on the field.


Eagles punt and Cards take over to start the fourth. Great stop by the Eagles 'D'. DeMeco Ryans sacks Palmer the Cards punt. The punt is returned for a touchdown by DeSean Jackson! But not so fast - there was holding on the play. Shame, because it was a nice return. Eagles start at their own 36 yard line instead.

Eagles take over. A big Shady run is wiped out by a blocking penalty. Jason Avant is the culprit on the play. Philly is forced to punt.

Cards start the drive at their own 16. Eagles get good pressure on the drive and force the Cards to punt.

Eagles ball. Running plays. Trying to milk the clock. A third down incompletion leads to a punt.

Cards up. Driving into scoring position. A Roc Carmichael pass interference sets the Cards up right on the 4. Two plays later, touchdown. Cards right back in this game. 24-21, Eagles.

Eagles ball. Nick Foles throws an interception. But wait, there's a flag on the play. Defensive holding. Very lucky there. Wipes out the pick. Later, Foles runs on a 3rd and 3 but can't pick up the first. Eagles punt. Drama is high.

Cards on offense. Big drive here. 4th and 5 for the Cards at their own 15. Pass is incomplete! Eagles get the stop and take over in great position. 3rd and 4 in the red zone... and there's a penalty on the Cards. First down for the Eagles, and that's the game.


7-5. HUGE WIN. A few quick thoughts:

The Eagles are very much in this playoff race.

How about that Eagles defense? EIGHT straight games with 21 points or less allowed.

Bruce Arians lost to a college offense.

Stay tuned here to BGN for most post-game coverage.

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