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NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 10: Eagles Compilation

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today at the site I released my Week 10 NFL Power Rankings. But what is only one opinion worth?

So here is a round up of how various media outlets have ranked your Philadelphia Eagles. Let's start by revisiting mine:

21) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 23) - Great win over the Raiders. Nick Foles threw for a record tying seven touchdowns. Still very much alive in the NFC East.


21) Well, THAT was unexpected! While there was a school of thought that Nick Foles might be Philly's best option at quarterback, he wasn't exactly at the top of the "Guess Who'll Equal Manning's Ravaging of the Ravens" pool. If Foles can keep delivering the accurate intermediate and deep throws Chip Kelly's offense has been craving then the Eagles' bevy of pass rushers can get the chance to play from ahead.  If they manage that combo, the Eagles have a real shot at the East. (Last Week: 29)

Mile High Report

22) Nick Foles, is he the next Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn? Only time will tell. He certainly put it on the Raiders with seven touchdown passes MIDWAY THROUGH THE THIRD QUARTER before being benched in favor of making sure he doesn't get injured again. Obviously, it was nice to see the Raiders get embarrassed at home. It really made my afternoon. Thank you Nick! (LW: 28)

Cincy Jungle

21) So finally the Eagles get solid play from the QB position. Nick Foles exploded last week. (LW: 29)

Big Blue View

23. Philadelphia Eagles (4-5): Is Nick Foles the answer? So far, he's the only one who has been able to jump start this high-octane offense. (LW: 27)

The Phinsider

18) Nick Foles threw for seven touchdown passes. I'll give you a second to try to comprehend that sentence. (LW: 20)

Blogging the Boys

20) The best QB for Chip Kelly's offense? Terrelle Pryor. (LW: 24)


21. Philadelphia Eagles (4-5, LW: 27)
They were a great Cowboys drive away from being tied for the NFC East lead. This year’s NFC East might be studied by scientists decades from now.

CBS, Kirwan

21. Philadelphia Eagles: I don't know how Chip Kelly can go back to Michael Vick after Nick Foles threw seven touchdown passes this past week. The defense has been improving over the past few games and they could make a run.


20) Chip Kelly says the Eagles' starting quarterback is still based on health. Maybe an eighth touchdown pass would have clinched the starting job for Nick Foles. (LW: 26)


19)  The Eagles averaged just five points per game over the previous two weeks but exploded for 49 points after running just 45 plays against the Raiders on Sunday. That's efficient. (LW: 21)


16. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week #20): QB Nick Foles tied Peyton Manning's 7 TD passes this season, as he and the Eagles got back on track with a huge win over the Raiders. If he keeps playing like that, they'll be really dangerous in the NFC East.

Analysis: It looks like these rankings range from as high as 16 to low as 23. The happy medium is about 21, which is where I had ranked them. Some had placed the Eagles really low after their loss to NYG which was fair. A Nick Foles seven touchdown performance and win in Oakland helped the Eagles rebound big.

The Eagles have another great opportunity to jump up when they play the seemingly Aaron-Rodgers-less Packers on Sunday.

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