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Nick Foles By The Numbers

Just how good has Nick Foles been?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles put up a historical performance in the Eagles' victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. It was kind of awesome. While I definitely encourage you to watch the video highlights repeatedly throughout the day, it's also fun to take a look at the numbers.

Let's get down to it:

7 - Obvious. The number of touchdowns Nick Foles threw against the Raiders.

6 - The number of quarterbacks other than Foles who have thrown 7 TD. Those names include: Joe Kapp, George Blanda, Adrian Burk, YA Tittle, Sid Luckman, and PEYTON MANNING.

7 > 6 - His seven touchdowns were more than his six incompletions (22 completions to 28 attempts).

24 - The age of Nick Foles, the youngest passer to ever thrown 7 TD in a single game.

13 - The number of touchdown passes Foles has thrown this season. That's the same amount Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, and Cam Newton have thrown. Here's the kicker: Foles doesn't even have half as many attempts.

0 - Foles hasn't turned over the ball a single time this season. 0 interceptions, 0 fumbles.

127.4 - Foles' QB rating. It's the best in the league, although in comparatively limited time. Peyton Manning's 119.4 rating is the league's second best.

158.3 - The highest QB rating possible. Foles achieved this number against the Raiders on Sunday. Only one other Eagles QB ever accomplished this feat: Donovan McNabb (2007).

3rd - Third QB to throw 7 TD in a road game.

2nd - The second quarterback to ever throw 13 or more touchdowns with 0 interceptions this far into the NFL season.

1st - First QB to ever throw 7 TD in the first three quarters.

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