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Eagles at Raiders 2013: Game Predictions

How are you feeling about this one?

Al Bello

The truth is: I don't have a good feeling for this one.

The Eagles looked so lifeless and terrible in their last two losses. They don't deserve the benefit of the doubt until they earn it back.

Chip Kelly just has to be so eager to see his offense finally score a touchdown again. It's hard to imagine his offense going on a three week drought like that. Therefore, I think the Eagles offense looks sharper than it has the past two weeks.

It won't be easy though. The Raiders have a solid defense and Nick Foles is a total question mark. Everyone is hoping he won't be as bad as he was against Dallas, and maybe that's reasonable. But what if he does look that bad? What then? It could be a long day, yet again, for the Eagles.

Terrelle Pryor starts at QB for the Raiders. It could be a boom or bust day for him. Either he runs all over the Eagles defense with ease, or he plays erratically which leads to turnovers. Philadelphia's defense needs to capitalize on any Raider mistakes.

In the end, I think the Eagles play better than they have in the past two weeks. It won't be enough, though. Oakland gets the job done at home.

Suggested format:

Score prediction:
Bold prediction:

My predictions:

Score prediction: 27-20, Eagles lose.
Bold prediction: Chip Kelly's offense finally scores a touchdown!

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