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NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 13: Eagles Compilation

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today at the site I released my Week 13 NFL Power Rankings. But what is only one opinion worth?

So here is a round up of how various media outlets have ranked your Philadelphia Eagles. Let's start by revisiting mine:

11) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 11) - Bye week. The Eagles watched the Cowboys win and take over the division lead (due to the tiebreaker), but Philadelphia is on a three game winning streak heading out of the bye.

SB Nation NFL

14) Coming out of their bye week, the Eagles find themselves tied at 6-5 with their Bizarro twins -- the Cowboys. They're a perfect Bizarro couple:
- Their fan bases loathe each other
- Philly currently has a young QB in a creative offense, Dallas has an older QB in a stagnant offense
- Philly is awful at home and great on the road, Dallas is strong at home and blah on the road
- Philly lost its original QB to a hamstring injury, Dallas has lost everyone BUT its starting QB to hamstring injuries
- Just as Superman and Bizarro shared blue and red color schemes, Philly and Dallas share horrendous secondaries
The Cowboys overcame their struggles with Green Kryptonite in their Week 7 win over Philly, and the Eagles get their shot at Red Kryptonite with the red-hot Cardinals on the docket for Sunday. It's likely that Peterson, Abraham, Campbell and Badger uncover a few weaknesses. (Last Week: 15)

Big Blue View

11. Philadelphia Eagles (6-5): The NFC East leaders, Philly had a week to rest up, get healthy and prepare for the stretch run -- one that red-hot Arizona, Detroit, Chicago and a pivotal finale against Dallas. (LW: 13)

Arrowhead Pride

13 - (Average score)

Mile High Report

12) The Eagles had a Bye, therefore no reason to move in rankings. It should be fun to see them and the Cowboys fight for the division and the right to be one and done in the playoffs this year. (LW: 12)

Cincy Jungle

14) Bye (LW: 14)

The Phinsider

10) Fell into second place in the division despite the bye, thanks to tie breakers with Dallas. (LW: 12)

Revenge of the Birds

11) The enigma that is the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles continues to captivate audiences with their unique offensive style. In a tie for first place in the NFC East with the Cowboys, the Eagles are unable to string wins together and sustain any sort of lead in the division. A massive game this week as they take on the rampant Cardinals. (LW: 11)

Blogging the Boys

12) Philly entered their bye week with a half game lead in the NFC East. By the time they take the field again, they could find themselves trailing by a half game. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. (LW: 13)


11) Nick Foles is 4-1 with a 63.6 completion percentage, 16 touchdowns and no interceptions. Michael Vick is 2-4 with a 54.6 completion percentage, five touchdowns and three picks. End of controversy. (LW: 11)


11) They come off the bye in first place but facing a tough game with the Cardinals. Can Nick Foles keep it going? (LW: 11)


11. Believe it or not, the Eagles may make the playoffs without winning the division. (LW: 12)


9) Four of the five opponents the Eagles have left to play are very much in the playoff hunt. They can't afford to have any slip-ups in the race for the NFC East. (LW: 12)


10) The odds of Eagles at Cowboys in Week 17 being flexed to Sunday night are off the board. It's too obvious. (LW: 14)

Analysis: Interestingly enough, none of these rankings saw the Eagles drop during their bye week. They either moved up a few spots or stayed at the same rank as the previous week. That's due to a few teams ahead of them losing (Bears and Lions come to mind).

The rankings from range from as high as 9 to as low as 14. 14 seems too low, but I don't think they deserve to be in the top 10 yet. So I'm perfectly happy with where I ranked them at: 11.

The Eagles have a big test against Arizona this week. A win over the Cardinals will likely guarantee the Eagles a spot in the top 10.

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