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Eagles no longer one hit away from Matt Barkley

Oh happy day!


With Chip Kelly naming Nick Foles the Eagles starting quarterback for the rest of the season, the head coach also acknowledged the health of now-backup Michael Vick. The veteran is now healthy and ready to be the next man up in the quarterback lineup, bringing rookie Matt Barkley's reign to an end. Barkley had been the backup quarterback for seven games and played in three of those contests.

Vick's new spot in the lineup gives the quarterback position more stability. Much like Foles behind Vick, the team has two guys that can start and play in the NFL. The jury is still out on Barkley, who has shown minimal flashes in games but has also looked terrible for the majority of his playing time. The rookie is simply not ready and their is room to think he may never be. He was put in a rough spot in the middle of the season, but it is clear that Barkley seeing any extended period of time would likely mean the end of the road for the Eagles playoff chances.

If Foles has to miss any period of time, the Eagles now have an experienced and dynamic player to back him up. Barkley is in the role that he needs to be in for now: a third-string developmental quarterback.

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