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Chip Kelly: Nick Foles is the Philadelphia Eagles Starting Quarterback

Obvious, but now official.

Al Messerschmidt

Chip Kelly has officially committed to Nick Foles as the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback for the remainder of the 2013 season. The move seemed obvious, but Kelly wouldn't officially commit to Foles in prior weeks. The second year quarterback has played very well in Michael Vick's absence. Kelly met with the two quarterbacks recently to inform them of his decision.

Speaking of the veteran quarterback, Kelly said Vick understands the situation. The Eagles veteran quarterback is expected to be healthy enough to suit up this week, which means he will be the backup to Foles. Vick's support of Foles is genuine. Last week on a radio show, Vick himself said he believed Foles should be the starter for the rest of the year.

Vick's return to health means that rookie Matt Barkley shifts back to the third string. This is good news for a team that's aiming to make a run at the playoffs down the stretch. A veteran like Vick can offer the team more than Barkley can at this time.

Kelly said Foles doesn't have to look over his shoulder with Vick backing him up. He stated he wants Foles to have the "desire to excel, not fear of failure." The decision was obvious, but Kelly made the right call.

The Eagles have five regular season games remaining in their 2013 schedule. Foles now faces a big test in front of him. It's up to him to help lead this team to the playoffs. The way Foles plays the rest of this year could have a significant impact on his future with the team moving forward.

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