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Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is right behind Eagles RB LeSean McCoy for the rushing title

LeSean McCoy has led the league handedly in rushing since Week 1, but now he has some serious competition.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles come off their bye week having played the same amount of games as every other team in the league. There are no more bye weeks left in the league and with the Eagles having their's so late in the season, Week 12 allow for several players catch up with DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy in their statistical endeavors.

Jackson is now sixth in the league with 985 receiving yards and is more than 100 yards away from the leader, Calvin Johnson. It is safe to say Jackson will likely miss out on the receiving title. However, McCoy is still the leading rusher in the NFL, despite having the week off. At 11 games played, McCoy leads Vikings running back Adrian Peterson by 12 yards.

McCoy's 1,009 yards compared to Peterson's 997, essentially put them on even ground entering the final five games of the season. The Vikings have nothing to play for at 2-8-1, so they will likely try to get Peterson some love on the ground and allow him to get some good press for the team with back-to-back rushing titles. The competition from Peterson could be a lot to over come for the McCoy.

Here is a look at both players' upcoming schedules and where the teams they play rank and give up in rushing yards per game:

LeSean McCoy
Week Opposing Team Rank Ave. Allowed
13 Cardinals 2 81.3
14 Lions 4 88
15 Vikings 25 119.3
16 Bears 32 145.2
17 Cowboys 30 133.6
Adrian Peterson
Week Opposing Team Rank Ave. Allowed
13 Bears 32 145.2
14 Ravens 11 102.6
15 Eagles 21 117.8
16 Bengals 10 102
17 Lions 4 88

As you can see, both the Eagles and Vikings face the Bears and Lions before the end of the season. They also face each other in Week 15, with the Eagles sporting the better run defense by less than two yards. McCoy will face a five teams with a combined average rushing yards per game at 567.4, while Peterson will play five teams with a combined average of 555.6 yards per game on the ground.

While the rushing title is more of a superficial honor, it would be a pretty nice prize for McCoy, the offensive line and Chip Kelly. Whether it is won by McCoy or not, Kelly has clearly made the offense more dangerous and has turned the former Pittsburgh Panther into an even more effective weapon.

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