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Chip Kelly Birthday Gift Ideas

It's Chip Kelly's 50th birthday. What gifts should you get him?

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50 years ago from today, in 1963, a man by the name of Charles Kelly was born in Dover, New Hampshire. This child would grow up into a young man that loved the game of football and everything to do with it. Fast forward to the present, and now he's the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. You now know him as "Chip".

Kelly is largely responsible for the turnaround the Eagles have shown in their first year under the new coach. The team still has a lot of work to do moving forward, but it's hard not to get the sense the team is moving in the right direction. After suffering through two disappointing seasons in Andy Reid's final years in Philadelphia, Eagles fans have been able to genuinely enjoy their team again this year, thanks to Kelly.

So what better way to show that gratitude than with a few birthday presents? Without further ado, I give you Chip Kelly gift suggestions:

• Vitamix 5200 - Yes, a blender! You know, to make all those post-practice smoothies that the players have. Chip needs some smoothie love, too.

• "The Flash" action figure - We know he likes to move fast. So if Chip could have any superhero on his team, I would have to think it would be The Flash. No one could keep up with his incredible pace.

• A new heated visor - Chip Kelly was infamous for wearing a visor at Oregon, but aside from some early games he's been mostly sticking to a baseball cap when he coaches. What's up with that? Too cold? Well fine, get him a heated visor. I don't know if that's possible, but it get it done, Howie.

• MP3 player - If you weren't aware, Chip likes to run up and down the stadium steps a few hours before kickoff. The problem is, he's never listening to music on his runs. It's probably because he doesn't have an MP3 player. So here you go, Chip. I've already taken the liberty to put a few songs on there. Most notably, this one by Led Zeppelin.

• An easy-to-use cell phone - Sticking with the technology route, Chip needs to step up his cell phone game. Keep in mind, although he's a smart guy, he's a little technologically challenged.

• A franchise quarterback - Could this be Nick Foles? We'll see, but it's probably one of the best gifts a coach could get.

• Dating website subscription - Come on, Chip. I know you're busy with football and everything but it couldn't hurt to go out on a few dates. You're single and you don't have any kids. Did you know that one out of every five couples meets online?

The Tao of Chip Kelly, written by Mark Saltveit - Reading is important. Is it weird to buy a book written about yourself, though? I'm not sure, but I think it would be interesting to check it out if I were him.

Google Glass - The Eagles have had some issues on whether to challenge questionable plays. The fix: get Chip Kelly a pair of Google Glasses where the play in question is streamed right in front of his eyes.

• Fogo de Chao gift certificate - Because, MEAT.

• Wawa gift cards - Easy, but essential.

• Tissues - For him to give to Jason LaCanfora, and all of the haters.

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