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The Linc - NFL: Nick Foles League

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/21/2013.

Rich Schultz

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Let's get to the links...

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary: Week 12 - JimmyK,
8) Eagles (6-5)
The NFL stands for "Nick Foles' League." (H/T Danta Klaus)

Connor Barwin, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker and NFL hipster - Grantland
In a league where single-minded football obsession and the purposeful snuffing out of personality seems to be encouraged among players, Barwin has established himself as a unique character. From his promotion of green living and energy conservation to his public endorsement of marriage equality, he's an individual in a profession where individualism is often demonized.

Film review: The maturation of Nick Foles - Derek Sarley,
Les Bowen wrote earlier this week that we won’t really know if Kelly is satisfied with Foles until the coach makes the affirmative decision to keep him and not bring in someone else. That’s still true. But with Foles expanding his repertoire into the difficult intermediate passing game – successfully – there’s no longer much chance I’m betting against him.

Foles and Other Stuff - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Re-watch Sunday’s game. You’ll see Foles standing in a good pocket and making nice throws. Doesn’t jump out. Looks almost easy. But go re-watch the Dallas game. He was bad in that game despite having time to throw and open receivers. Just because something looks easy doesn’t mean it is. Think about how many times Ron Jaworski used to watch coach’s tape and tell us that Donovan or Kolb or Vick had open receivers and just didn’t get them the ball. Foles is finding those guys and making good throws.

All-22: What Foles Showed Vs. the Redskins - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
The question that will continue to come up in the weeks ahead will be whether Kelly is sold on Foles going forward. We’ll have more answers a month from now, but everything we’ve seen so far suggests Foles can have success with Kelly. All season long, Kelly has said he’s running the same scheme with Foles that he ran with Vick

DeSean a consistent threat in Kelly's scheme - Reuben Frank, CSN Philly
DeSean Jackson has had a couple 1,000-yard seasons, has been to a couple Pro Bowls, has made a ton of highlight-reel plays. He’s just never had that one monster season you always felt he was capable of. Till now. In his first year under Chip Kelly, Jackson has finally tapped into all that potential. Not that he wasn’t electrifying before. He was. It’s just that he’s doing it better than ever. More consistently than ever. More often than ever.

Didinger: It Was Wrong To Play The Game -
Only once did I ever feel guilty about walking into a football stadium. Only once did I ever look around at the crowd and think, "This isn't right." November 24, 1963. It was an NFL Sunday unlike any other. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas two days earlier and the nation was in shock, but NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle made the decision to play the games as scheduled. Seven games were played that Sunday, including the Eagles hosting Washington at Franklin Field. I was there, 50 years ago this week. I'll never forget it.

Nick Foles: Basically as Good as Peyton Manning - WSJ
What does Nick Foles have to do to take over the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback job? Foles has led the Eagles to victory in five of the six games he has started this season. He has thrown 16 touchdowns without an interception. His 128.0 passer rating on his 162 attempts is the fourth-best since at least 1991, according to Stats, LLC.

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