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NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 12: Eagles Compilation

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

Rich Schultz

Earlier today at the site I released my Week 12 NFL Power Rankings. But what is only one opinion worth?

So here is a round up of how various media outlets have ranked your Philadelphia Eagles. Let's start by revisiting mine:

11) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 15) - Almost top ten. The Eagles are on a roll. Three wins in a row, with one finally coming at home. Nick Foles is playing well. 11th best point differential in the NFL. Philly is the only team to have surrendered 21 points or less in each of their last seven games.

SB Nation NFL

15. Philadelphia Eagles - If Nick Foles really is just pulling the wool over our eyes by beating up bad secondaries ... well, he picked the right division to call home. In truth, it's looking more and more like his Week 7 debacle against Dallas was one of the NFL's bizarre abberations, and that his poise and accuracy will continue to enable the kind of consistent offensive results that a scattershot Mike Vick could never guarantee. A post-bye week matchup with the 49ers [Editors note: It's actually the Arizona Cardinals] will tell us more, but Foles has almost single-handedly restored the shine to Chip Kelly's offense. (Last Week: 19)

Blogging The Boys

13) The Eagles head into their bye week and can relax in the knowledge that they'll at least be tied for first in the NFC East when they come back. If only there wasn't this pesky divisional tiebreaker. (LW: 15)

The Phinsider

12) It may not be the "Chip Kelly" offense, but it's working. (LW: 16)

Revenge of the Birds

11: Philadelphia Eagles (6-5): Last week 16.
Michael Vick who? I'm not sure Nick Foles is the guy Chip Kelly pictured when he brought his offense to the Eagles but you can't argue with results.

Mile High Report

12) Boy the Eagles are rolling. Three straight wins for Nick Foles, who most of us thought should have been the starting quarterback from Week 1 over Michael Vick. This team is going to find a way to nine or ten wins to send the Cowboys home crying to mama, err, Jerry Jones. (LW: 15)

Cincy Jungle

14) Nick Foles still has no interceptions. Is Mike Vick done in Philly? (LW: 16)

Behind the Steel Curtain


Big Blue View (finally has the Eagles ranked ahead of the Giants!)

13. Philadelphia Eagles (6-5): The Eagles are soaring high, and they finally got their first home win of the year. (LW: 19)


12) Philly kept RG III in the pocket enough to win. He threw both touchdowns outside the pocket, but was sacked four times and completed 12 of 27 passes with an interception inside. (LW: 14)

CBS - Prisco

11) Nick Foles has this team rolling. But what's really impressive is how improved the defense is the past month. (LW: 16)

CBS - Kirwan

12. Philadelphia Eagles: Dangerous team because of an improving defense and Nick Foles under center. The Eagles haven't thrown more than 28 times in any contest during their three-game winning streak.


12. Eagles (6-5; No. 15): Buddy Ryans would say of Nick Foles, "All he does is throw touchdowns. And run for them."


12) Nick Foles had 47 yards on the ground on Sunday and now has just as many rushing touchdowns as Michael Vick does on the season. I'd say he has a pretty firm hold on the starting quarterback position for the remainder of the season. (LW: 14)


14) The Eagles are 4-1 with Nick Foles starting and 2-4 with Michael Vick starting. It sounds crazy but shouldn't Foles (16 touchdowns, no interceptions) get at least a little bit of MVP candidacy buzz? (LW: 16)

Analysis: The rankings range from 11-15, which seems appropriate. The Eagles are first in the NFC East. They've been playing well recently and people are starting to take notice. A few of these blurbs note the Eagles' improvement on defense as well as the play of Nick Foles.

It will be interesting to see how their position changes next week since the Eagles will be on their bye. It could depend on what Dallas does when they face the Giants, along with the performance of other nearby ranked teams.

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