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NFC East Standings Report: First Place Philadelphia Eagles

There's a nice ring to that, isn't there?

Rich Schultz

It's that time of week where BGN checks up on the Eagles' divisional neighbors: their NFC East rivals.

BGN will take a closer look at the entire NFC playoff picture on Tuesday. It's important to see how the Carolina Panthers fare on Monday Night Football against the Patriots.

For now, the most important thing to note: at 6-5, the Eagles are in first place of the NFC East. The Eagles are the only team above .500 in their division.

Here's a look at the official standings.

NFC East Standings:

Week 11 Breakdown

1) Eagles

First place! Philadelphia is hot. They're on a 3 game winning streak and they finally won a game at home. Nick Foles is playing well at the reigns of the offense. The Eagles' defense is makes stride as well. They're the only team in the NFL to allow their opponent to score 21 points or less in the past 7 weeks. That's pretty darn impressive. Philadelphia's coaching staff definitely deserves credit for this recent success.

Chip Kelly and Billy Davis: These guys are quite the pair as of late. Kelly has been getting guys open and getting yards like they are going out of style. Davis has been dialing up great blitzes and shutout the Redskins for three quarters for the second time this season. They are both getting the most out of their talent.

Up next: Bye week. It comes at a good time. Some injured players (ex: Bradley Fletcher) may be able to return after the bye.

2) Dallas

The Cowboys saw their division lead slip away with an Eagles victory on Sunday. Dallas was on a bye. If Philadelphia can stay hot, Dallas should be concerned about their playoff chances. Speaking of those, it doesn't look like Cowboys fans are super confident in their chances. (via BloggingTheBoys)

Up next: Away at the Giants. NYG is on a 4 game winning streak.

3) New York Giants

Four straight wins for New York. Suddenly, they're right back in the race. Is New York really scaring anybody, though? Let's look at how they accomplished their winning streak, h/t Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. The Giants faced:

The Minnesota Vikings with the incomprehensibly awful Josh Freeman; the Philadelphia Eagles with an injured Michael Vick and an in-over-his-head Matt Barkley; the Oakland Raiders and a forward-pass challenged Terrelle Pryor limited with a hamstring injury; the Green Bay Packers with undrafted, confused third-stringer Scott Tolzien.

Yeah, not exactly the most challenging schedule.

Up next: Home versus the Cowboys. This game is a win-win for Eagles fans. If NYG wins, it helps the Eagles retain sole possession of first place in the NFC East. If Dallas wins, Eagles fans don't have to hear about how the Giants are "back".

4) Washington Redskins

The Skins' season is buried. At least they have a high draft pick to look forward to, right? Nope. Sorry, Washington.

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