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Eagles vs Redskins 2013: 5 Questions with Hogs Haven

Q&A with Redskins blogger Kevin Ewoldt.

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Before the Eagles and Redskins play today, let's check in with a Redskins blogger for some perspective on this game.

Here's a Q&A I did with Redskins blogger Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven.

1) Name a player the Eagles need to watch on the Redskins offense.

Rookie TE, Jordan Reed, from Florida, looks like a super star in the making. He will certainly stand out this Sunday. He has hands, speed, and power. His blocking skills have improved, which means he has locked in the starting role. Mike and Kyle Shanahan use the middle of field for practically everything they do and Jordan Reed fits in nicely there. RGIII finds him often.

2) Name a player the Eagles need to watch on the Redskins defense.

Rookie CB, David Amerson, has shown flashes of greatness (pick 6) but also has had some rookie mistakes. Either way, he looks to be a solid player for the future. The Redskins defense has an INT in each of their last seven games, two of them thanks to him.

3) If you could pick an Eagles player to put on the Redskins, who would you take?

Without a doubt, Lane Johnson. The Redskins Right Tackle position has been a mess for as long as I can remember and adding him would make Alfred Morris and RGIII's job a lot easier.

4) Last year the Redskins started out 3-6 but still made the playoffs. Is there legitimate hope they can repeat that accomplishment this year?
I just don't see another seven game run happening and even starting safety Reed Doughty told me as much. The read option is not surprising anyone and the D has too many holes. The Redskins still have yet to find a quality starting free safety and that has been back-breaking. In addition, the Redskins pass rush has been dismal, which Chris Cooley called Mike Shanahan out for in a presser (no good response there). Either way, something just feels different this year (and not in a good way). Special teams has been atrocious as well with the Skins ranking bottom two in KRs and PRs, 32nd in net average punts, and they've allowed 2 TDs. The defense is giving up 30+ points per game, and no team can win seven games in a row with that.

5) Score prediction? Brief explanation?

(puts homer hat on). I am surprising myself here and think the Redskins squeak out a win 24-21. The Skins are coming off a ten day break and I think that does make a difference. The offense can hang with anyone and the Eagles passing defense has allowed second most yards in the NFL.

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