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The merits of a home win for the Eagles in Week 11

Week 11 is worth more than a home win.

Rob Carr

A lot has been said of the Eagles home losing streak, but their matchup against the Redskins on Sunday is worth much more than just their standing at home. While fans would obviously like to get a home win, a victory in the Week 11 game is more valuable than that, as it could put them into position to make the playoffs. The reality of this matchup is that it is a "must-win" and should be treated as such.

The game itself has the making of the unfortunate Cowboys loss in Week 7. The Eagles are coming off back-to-back wins, Nick Foles has looked solid in both of those contests and the second win came against an overmatched rookie quarterback. The Redskins are not a good team but have a talented offense. If the Eagles take them lightly or their defense avoids showing up with all of its injuries, Philadelphia could obtain another home loss.

A win would place the Eagles at 6-5 and force the Cowboys (on bye this week) to win their next matchup against the Giants in New York. The Eagles will be on a bye in Week 12, so a win (at worst) would at least have them tied for the division entering the final five games of the season. If the Eagles lose, they will find themselves at the mercy of the Cowboys and also allow the Redskins to sneak into the hunt for the division.

The Eagles are currently 2-2 in the division and a win would give them their third this season. The Cowboys are 3-0 and have beat the Eagles already, so Philadelphia must win their last two division games and hope the rest of the NFC East helps them out if a tie-breaker is necessary. Also keep in mind, that if the Eagles win this game and the Panthers lose to the Patriots or the 49ers lose to the Saints on Sunday, Philadelphia would also be in the hunt for a wild card spot. At 6-5, the Eagles would be a half-game behind Carolina or San Francisco, if either or both teams lose in Week 11.

The Eagles have a tough but doable outlook for the rest of the season with the Cardinals, Lions, Vikings, Bears and Cowboys left on the schedule. Philadelphia does not need to run the table, but a home win on Sunday would go a long way in their quest for the playoffs and the division. If Chip Kelly and his team can deliver with Foles under center and Billy Davis behind the defense, the Eagles could be set for a major playoff run.

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