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The Linc - Brandon Graham's Frustrations

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/15/2013.

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Let's get to the links...

Week 11 NFL picks - JimmyK,
You have to at least be competent in all 3 phases, and Washington is awful in 2 of them. Their bad defense has been publicized to death by now, but just as a reminder, they're in the bottom 5 in the NFL in the following defensive categories: Points per game allowed, Yards per play allowed, First downs per game allowed, TD passes allowed, Yards per pass attempt allowed, Passing first downs allowed, Passing first down, 20+ yard completions allowed, Completion % allowed.

Identity - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The Eagles are 5-5. But what is this team beyond the numbers? Trying to figure out what this team really is…well that’s a lot tougher than it sounds. There is a 3-game losing streak and a 2-game losing streak. There are a pair of 2-game winning streaks. 4 of the 5 wins are by 11 points or more. The other win came when the Eagles blew a big lead. 4 of the 5 losses are by 10 points or more. In games with less than 3 turnovers, the Eagles are 5-2.

Inside Voices: Graham’s Frustrations Building - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
Where is his frustration level at the moment? "It’s almost at a 10," Graham admitted. "People always throw out the Earl Thomas‘, the [Jason] Pierre-Paul’s and who we could of had and why do they have me. But at the same time, man, I just can’t wait to do that, I can’t wait to be a Pro Bowler like I know I can. I can’t wait to shut everybody up. That will be a big relief to me. "When I wake up I got it set on my phone: ‘Be great.’ And I’m really trying to learn how to be great. That’s coming in early, trying to be the first one in here. I definitely put my work in, just chipping away, waiting. Waiting. I’m excited though, man, I think I’ll be getting my shot pretty soon."

Kelly's 'mission' statement for the Eagles - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
It's not as quaint or as quick as "Win the day," but of all the Chipisms, "Habits reflect the mission" has become the mantra Kelly has preached from Day 1 as Eagles coach. He said it the first time he met individually with Michael Vick and all the returning Eagles veterans. He said it April 1, the opening day of offseason workouts. And he has repeated it so much that saying it has in itself become a habit. "The things you do on a day-to-day basis, in here and out of here, if they're not reflecting a push toward our main goal, our main mission, you're not doing what you're supposed to," center Jason Kelce said. "And that's the one [Chipism] we hear the most frequently."

Demeco the Pro Bowler - The Chip Wagon
I pointed out a couple of weeks ago how Demeco is really thriving behind Billy Davis' 2-gap 3-4. Like most dominant MLBs, when they are on, they get an awful lot of help from the DL in front of them as I pointed out in that post. The DL is really doing a great job. The remarkable thing to see in that previous post is how clean Demeco was. That's a sure sign that Billy Davis' vision of this defense is working, and that Jerry Azzinaro has done a terrific job with that young DL in teaching and preaching technique. Demeco had another standout game on Sunday that seems to have everyone talking. But when I took a look at the film, I saw some slight differences. The Packers really seemed to gameplan to get a body on Demeco at the second level.

Eagle Eye In The Sky: Redskins Preview - Fran Duffy,
Washington may currently sit at the bottom of the NFC East standings at 3-6, but their offense may be the most difficult to defend in the NFL because of their talent at the skill positions, the tough nature of their running game and the head games they play with defenses with their backfield-action and option principles. This is as big a test as you can get defensively, especially with Robert Griffin III healthier than we saw back in Week 1, as they bring a tough challenge to Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday afternoon.

Place your bets: Eagles’ Super Bowl odds just keep improving - Enrico Campitelli Jr., The700Level
After their victory in Green Bay last Sunday the betting line on the Birds to win the Super Bowl increased dramatically, from a longshot 66/1 to a still pretty longshot 33/1, according to the lines at Also interesting, the Giants this week have better odds than the Eagles had last week. I find that amazing. And seriously, there’s only 12 teams with better odds than the Eagles. One of those is the Cowboys which is like, come on.

An epiphany on the DeMeco Ryans trade - r/Eagles
In the spring of last year, when Houston traded Ryans to Philly, they sent a third round pick in exchange for a third and fourth rounder from the Eagles. Houston got: guard Brandon Brooks and center Ben Jones. Eagles got: DeMeco Ryans and Nick Foles.

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