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The Chip Kelly Effect: Eagles On Pace Numbers

Eagles on pace numbers. Several players are having career years.

Rob Carr

After more than halfway through Chip Kelly's first NFL season as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, he is already getting career production of the team's best skill players. Some questioned if Kelly's offense would succeed in the NFL (and still do), but these players are not among those people in question. See for yourself:

Nick Foles

Through 10 games: 62.3%, 1256 yards, 16 TD, 0 INT, 80 rushing yards
Projection: 62.3%, 2010 yards, 26 TD, 0 INT, 128 rushing yards

Foles has seen action in 7 games this season but only 4 of them have been starts. His TD/INT ratio is ridiculous. Credit Foles for playing well, but it would be surprising to see him finish the year without at least one interception.

LeSean McCoy

Through 10: 193 carries, 932 rushing yards, 3 TD, 30 catches, 326 receiving yards, 1 TD -- 1258 yards from scrimmage, 4 total TD
309 carries, 1491 rushing yards, 5 TD, 48 catches, 522 receiving yards, 2 TD -- 2013 yards from scrimmage, 7 total TD

McCoy is on pace for career highs in every rushing category except touchdowns. Shady finished with 17 in 2011 and that number will be hard to beat. In terms of receiving yards, McCoy is on pace for his second best year as a receiver. He is averaging 10.9 yards per reception, however, the highest of his career.

McCoy is the NFL's leading rusher, and he also leads the NFL in total yards from scrimmage.

DeSean Jackson

Through 10: 54 catches, 903 yards, 7 TD
Projection: 86.4 catches, 1445 yards, 11 TD

Just another player who's on pace to shatter previous career highs. Jackson's previous highs: 62 rec, 1156 yards, 9 TD. DeSean looks more focused this year than ever before. It was even apparent in training camp, where I watched him every day. He's just having a great season.

Jackson currently ranks third in receiving yards, eighth in catches, and fifth in yards after the catch.

It should be noted DeSean hasn't recorded an official rushing attempt this year. In every prior to this season, he recorded at least 3 rushing attempts and an average of 10.8.

Riley Cooper

Through 10: 28 catches, 555 yards, 7 TD
Projection: 45 catches, 888 yards, 11 TD

These numbers are just silly. Cooper has seemingly come out of nowhere with his recent production. The emergence of Cooper can be credited with Nick Foles. Cooper simply has played better with Foles at the reigns of the offense.

Previous career highs for Cooper: 23 catches, 315 yards, 3 TD. He's already passed those marks.

Brent Celek

Through 10: 18 catches, 248 yards, 3 TD
Projection: 29 catches, 397 yards, 5 TD

Celek isn't having a career year by any means, but he is being heavily used as a blocker. He definitely deserves credit for pass protecting the QB and giving the RB room to run.

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