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Eagles Teammates of the Week: LeSean McCoy and the Offensive Line

The Green Bay Packers were allowing an average of 94.5 rushing yards a game. The Eagles put up 204.

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Each week here at BGN we are highlighting the Eagles Teammates of the Week. Two weeks ago, it was the duo of Cedric Thornton and Fletcher Cox. Last week, the lethal Nick Foles to Riley Cooper connection won the honor. It would have made sense to pick Foles and Cooper again, given their performances against Green Bay. Cooper racked up 104 yards and 2 TD on 3 catches. However, it's time to give credit to another area on the team: the Eagles rushing attack.

LeSean McCoy rushed for an impressive 155 yards on only 25 attempts, good for a 6.2 average. Nearly half of those yards came after first contract, with the official number being 71. Shady was his usual top form self. He forced missed tackles and made defenders trying to tackle him look silly.

McCoy's big day was aided by the blocking in front of him. As you may have seen in this week's PFF grades, the offensive line played well. All of six them received positive grades. Yes, six. Jason Peters played well in the 10 snaps he was out on the field before Allen Barbre replaced him. Barbre showed he had some ability too, getting down field and making second levels blocks in the run game. Tight end Brent Celek sure isn't an offensive lineman, but his effort was another positive contributing factor.

McCoy wasn't the only rusher with success. Bryce Brown and Nick Foles also chipped in but to a smaller extent. Brown rushed for 11 yards and Foles had 38. That gave the Eagles 204 total rushing yards. The fact that the Eagles managed to play this well is even more impressive when considering how good Green Bay's top five run defense had been. Green Bay was only allowing 94.5 rushing yards a game on average before they played the Eagles. Philadelphia more than doubled up on that number.

The Eagles run game was alive and kicking again. The team hadn't rushed for over 200 yards since their third game of the season while at home against Kansas City. The Eagles were only averaging 87 rushing yards per game in their three contests before facing Green Bay.

It looks like the running game is back, and that makes Chip Kelly a very happy man.

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