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LeSean McCoy: Doug Martin doesn't suck, but Knowshon Moreno does

Shady throwing shade.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles running back got a lot of attention after Philadelphia's 36-21 victory over the New York Giants. It wasn't because of what he did in the game, though.

Shady drew people's attention when he tweeted the following from his official Twitter account:

The back story behind this tweet has to do with Moreno being drafted over McCoy in the same year despite McCoy looking better now. I'd say Shady is still a little bothered by that.

McCoy has been known to trash talk before, previously calling former Giants pass rusher Osi Umenyiora "overrated n soft". It may come off mean-spirited but it's more likely McCoy is just having some fun.

Nevertheless, McCoy was asked about the tweet today after Eagles practice. Shady said he meant what he said and he didn't regret it. He did have kinder things to say about the Buccaneers young running back, Doug Martin. Of Martin, LeSean said that he "didn't suck" and called him one of the best running backs in the NFL.

But is LeSean addressing the 'suckage' properly? Let's look at the numbers.

Doug Martin's rookie year: 1454 yards on 319 attempts (4.6 ypc), 11 TD, long 70, 49 catches for 472 yards, 1926 yards from scrimmage.

Knowshown Moreno's first 4 seasons combined: 2430 yards on 605 attempts (4.02 ypc), 16 TD, long 36, 97 catches for 853 yards, 3283 yards from scrimmage. On a per season basis, that's an average of 607.5 yards on 151.25 attempts, 4 TD, 24.25 receptions for 213.25 yards, 820.75 yards from scrimmage.

Verdict: Shady is right. Doug Martin doesn't suck. Knowshon does.

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