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Chip Kelly rules Philadelphia

Did you know? The Eagles have the city's longest tenured head coach.

Rich Schultz

How quickly things change.

After Andy Reid was fired at the end of the 2012 NFL season, Chip Kelly was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles on January 16, 2013. That's roughly 10 months ago. During that time, the other major Philadelphia sports teams struggled. The Sixers, Phillies, and Flyers all had disappointing seasons.

On April 18, Sixers coach Doug Collins "resigned" from the team. The Phillies manager was the next to go, as Charlie Manuel was replaced by Ryne Sandberg on August 16. Now, after a disappointing 0-3 start for the Flyers, Peter Laviolette has been fired.

That leaves one Charles Kelly as the longest tenured Philadelphia head coach of the four major teams. Crazy, right?

Despite silly rumors, Kelly probably isn't going anywhere anytime too soon. The Eagles have a long way to go, but when you consider the disappointing state of other Philadelphia teams, Kelly could be the coach with the best chance of bringing the next championship to this city.

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