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Chip Kelly: Michael Vick is the starting QB if healthy

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There is no quarterback controversy according to the Eagles' head coach.

Maddie Meyer

The Eagles defeated the Giants 36-21 on Sunday. Philadelphia pulled off the victory despite their starting quarterback only playing in the first half.

Michael Vick suffered a hamstring injury late in the second quarter of Sunday's game. The injury occurred when Vick ran out of bounds after gaining a first down. He immediately grabbed him hamstring, showing signs of pain. He stayed in the game to finish that drive but was taken out after the first play of the next drive. Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles stepped up in his place.

Vick wasn't having a great game through the air to that point; he was 6/14 (43%) with 105 yards. His running ability helped though as he contributed with 79 yards on 7 carries. Nick Foles took over after Vick's injury and finished with a good performance: 16/25 (64%), 197 yards and 2 TDs, 114.9 QB rating.

But did Foles convince the Eagles head coach to make a change at QB? No.

Chip Kelly reaffirmed that Michael Vick is the Eagles starting QB if he is healthy. Kelly also noted that Vick could have re-entered today's game if necessary, but he clearly wasn't 100% due to the injury. Kelly felt confident with Foles taking over in the mean time.

The Eagles will face off against the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay next week. If Kelly stays true to his word and Vick is healthy, expect the veteran to start.