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Eagles-Giants Final Score: Philadelphia tops New York, 36-21

Nick Foles threw for 197 yards and 2 touchdowns after taking over for an injured Michael Vick late in the first half. Philadelphia advances to a 2-3 record on the season.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Philadelphia entered today's game at 1-3. A prime opportunity for them to move to take advantage of a winless Giants team on the road.


Eagles receive. Three and out on the first drive due to a DeSean Jackson drop on third down.

Giants ball. Deep pass to Randle broken up, but Eli Manning connects Hakeem Nicks with a deep pass on the next play. Eagles defense not playing well. Surprised? Giants in scoring position, David Wilson runs in for a TD. 7-0, Giants. Friendly reminder: the Eagles defense is on pace to be historically bad.

Eagles second drive. 3rd and 9, Eagles run for 4 yards to set up 4th and 5. Holding penalty, Giants accept, push the Eagles back. PHI facing a 3rd and 19... a long Michael Vick run moves the chains. Maybe not the best decision to accept the penalty, huh NYG? A 40 yard Alex Henery FG puts the Eagles on the board. 7-3, Giants.

Giants get the ball back and to no one's surprise, the Eagles defense can't slow them down. But you know who can? Eli Manning and the refs! A few Giants penalties helped the Eagles force a Giants punt.

Eagles ball. LeSean McCoy and Vick running are the only things going for the Eagles' offense. No passing yards to this point!

Eagles down a punt deep in the Giants own territory. Weird play. David Wilson runs, gets stopped at the 1, spins out of the tackle, then gets tackled in the end zone. Not ruled as a safety. Bullshit call. Wilson re-established position, not forward progress. That's a safety.


Karma in action. Eagles get a stop, force the Giants to punt.

Eagles on offense, and hey, they complete a pass! Shady also running all over the Giants defense. A Zach Ertz catch sets up the Eagles in scoring position. Vick misses Avant on third down. Hasn't shown good accuracy on the day. Typical red zone woes. Alex Henery FG is good. 7-6, Giants.

Giants RB David Wilson had to leave the game with a neck injury, questionable to return. Giants forced to punt. That's two straight three and outs for the Eagles defense. Progress?

Vick to DeSean Jackson for a big gain! Ball went right through a Giants' defenders hands, but they will take it. Great catch. Shortly after, a LeSean McCoy goal line TD gives the Eagles the lead! 13-7, Eagles.

Brandon Jacobs fumble! Funny enough, no one even touched him. This tweet feels very relevant.

Eagles take over on offense and Vick is grabbing his hamstring after a first down run. Still in the game. Eagles settle for a 29 yard FG after failing to convert. 16-7, Eagles.

Giants driving. Meanwhile, Vick is being looked at by trainers on the sideline. Another stop for the Eagles defense.

Vick comes in for a play, takes a hit from Jason Pierre-Paul. Vick comes out, Nick Foles in now. Foles leads a nice drive into FG position and Alex Henery nails the kick. 19-7, Eagles.


Giants get the ball to start the second half. Another defensive stop for the Eagles.

Eagles on offense, Foles coming in. Vick's return is questionable (hammy). Foles throw to Shady along the sideline for a first down... looks good. Giants call a timeout, THEN challenge. Ruling on the field is upheld, despite the pass looking like it was incomplete. Wrong call, but NY lose the challenge... and two timeouts in a matter of seconds. Lol Giants.

Eagles punt and NYG takes over. Little resistance from Philly on a good NYG drive. Still no pass rush. Rueben Randle 26 yard TD catch. 19-14, Eagles.

Wasted possession for the Eagles leads to a punt. Fair catch interference called on the return despite Brandon Boykin never even touching the returner. Giants take over on offense and Boykin is called for a penalty again. It looked like Cruz pushed off on the Eagles CB, but the refs give NYG the pass interference call. Giants call their last timeout with 4:41 left in the third. Giants score, Randle TD. 21-19, Giants.

Eagles ball. A Cullen Jenkins sack stops a drive and forces the Eagles to a FG. Henery is 5/5 on the day. 22-21, Eagles.


Eagles ball after a Giants punt. The drive goes nowhere. Foles isn't exactly lighting it up at this point.

Giants ball. EAGLES INTERCEPTION! Boykin blitz forces a horrible wobbly pass by Eli that gets picked off by Mychal Kendricks. Looks like there should have been a penalty on Trent Cole for hitting Manning in the face, but no call. Next play, Foles hits Celek deep in the end zone for a touchdown. Great throw, great catch. Exciting stuff! 29-21, Eagles.

Giants ball again. Interception again! Manning targets Victor Cruz over the middle and somehow, someway Boykin intercepts the ball. Cruz got his hands on it too, but Boykin ripped it away. Amazing diving one handed strip interception.

Eagles score another TD. Foles to DeSean on a fade route (?!) is good for a score. DJacc celebrates a with a salsa dance, and Giants fans are not amused. Eagles, 36-21.


Giants ball again again, Eagles interception again again. This time it's Cary Williams' turn! At this point, the game is virtually over.


The Eagles needed a win today and they got it. It wasn't always pretty, but they fought hard and got the job done.

Michael Vick built the Eagles lead in the first half but didn't excel as a passer. His running ability was keeping the Eagles in the game early. Foles took over late in the second quarter and sure didn't have himself a bad day. But today isn't about a quarterback controversy, it's about an Eagles win.

Philly has a chance to move into the NFC East division lead with a Dallas Cowboys loss to the Broncos later today.

This team sure isn't perfect, but they got a win today and that's all that matters right now.