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Eagles vs Giants 2013: 5 Questions with Big Blue View

Giants blogger Ed Valentine took the time to answer some questions about the Eagles-Giants game on Sunday.

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With the Eagles and Giants scheduled to face off on Sunday, I reached out to SB Nation Giants site Big Blue View for a different perspective. Ed Valentine, head guy over at BBV, did the same when he asked me a few questions earlier this week. Check out the questions I answered for him here.

Let's see how he answered my questions:

1) The Giants are 0-4 and last in the division, but the NFC East is terrible. Is their season officially over or is there even the slightest hope of turning it around with a victory over the Eagles on Sunday?

There is hope, but not because of anything the Giants have done. They are winless, and they absolutely deserve to be. They handed Dallas a game with two David Wilson fumbles and by screwing up two screen passes that got picked off (when has that ever happened?). They were AWFUL (as in Jaguars awful) the past two weeks. There are enough guys in that locker room with a winning pedigree that there is hope, but I don't see it.
This is not a rebuilding team. It is one in transition, though they don't want to admit it. There are a lot of proud veterans who might have been kept a year too long and won't be back next season. And there are a lot of young players just waiting for a chance.

2) Both of these teams look bad. How do you feel about the Giants' chances of winning this game? Score prediction?

If the Giants can't win this game I don't know when they will ever win. That's not a knock on the Eagles, per se, but with the poor defense Philly has played the Giants have to be able to score enough points to win. Don't they? I mean, seriously. Thaey have to be better than 7 points in two week. I will say 27-21 Giants. And I will cross my fingers that the Giants don't make me look stupid.

3) How are old friends and former Eagles DL Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins playing for NYG?

Both are playing quite well, actually. My only complaint is that I think they brought the losing karma from Philly's 2012 locker room. We respectfully request that you leaves us the players, but take back the karma.

4) Which player would you like to take off the Eagles' roster and put in the Giants' lineup?

Well, this might not seem like an obvious answer. It would be really easy for me to say LeSean McCoy or even Trent Cole. I am going to with the very un-sexy, and probably short-term, selection of Evan Mathis. The Giants are desperate for help in the middle of their line, so desperate that they just signed ex-Eagle Dallas Reynolds. Chris Snee is gone, likely to have season-ending hip surgery. David Baas is hurt again -- and not very good to begin with. The Giants have a collection of young, inexperienced players trying to hold down several spots on their line. They could use a veteran guard who can actually still play. At least if they have any hopes of resurrecting this season.

5) To what extent is Giants HC Tom Coughlin on the hot seat?

None. As for his assistant coaches and a great big chunk of the roster if this season goes down the toilet that's a different story. The only way TC is not coach of the Giants next year is if he decides he just doesn't want to do it anymore. He is the oldest coach in the league, so that is possible.

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