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Report: Giants trade conditional pick for Carolina LB Jon Beason

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Lol Giants, sort of.


According to a report from Jay Glazer, the New York Giants are set to acquire linebacker Jon Beason in a trade from the Carolina Panthers.

Believe it or not, this isn't a big deal. Beason simply isn't the All Pro player he once was. At this point, he's just a big name. So much is evident in the compensation: NYG is only giving up a conditional late round pick to acquire him.

It's kind of a funny situation. The Giants are dealing for Beason because they lack talent and depth at LB. But Beason was just recently benched in Carolina in favor of former Giants LB Chase Blackburn. So, in essence, New York let Blackburn walk in free agency, and then traded for the guy (Beason) that was benched in favor of Blackburn. Good job, good effort, NYG. It's not a bad depth move for New York, but that's all it is.

Even Giants fans agree with my sentiment.

For what it's worth, PFF ranked Beason 58 out of 63 4-3 outside linebackers. Beason has only been on the field for 62 snaps in 2013. He only played in 5 games combined in 2011 and 2012 due to injuries.

In fact, he's still dealing with injury. If Beason passes his physical - which isn't just a formality, due to his injury status - and the trade is approved, it's possible he could be ready in time for the Eagles-Giants match up on Sunday at noon EST. Not that it makes much of a difference...

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