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Bud Light: Eagles are the 5th most superstitious fanbase

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

The Eagles fanbase is known for many things, but being superstitious is not one of them. However, Bud Light has been researching all 32 teams' fanbases and found that the Eagles' followers are among the most superstitious of the bunch. Eagles fans are the fifth in the league in pregame habits at 53-percent, according to Bud Light's research. This means that 53-percent of the fanbase watching games from same place, says a certain saying, phrase, cheer or song every week.

Eagles fans are ranked ninth in the league with thinking what they do impacts the games with 31-percent (because what else would? Talent? Lack thereof?). The Eagles faithful are fourth in the league with 25-percent of fans believing that not following their superstition leads to negative results for their team. You can read more about the Eagles' superstitions at the Anheuser Busch Newsroom.

The neurotic approach of Eagles fans likely comes from the team's erratic nature. Whenever a missed field goal is expected or a fan nervously predicts an opposing third-down conversion to be completed for a first down, it typically happens. It just is the nature of being an Eagles fan.

So are you among the superstitious flock? In so, what do you do? Please don't give us too much information if its too personal.

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