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Eagles at Giants Week 5: Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice

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A look at the upcoming fantasy match ups for Sunday's Eagles-Giants game.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

So far this season, many of our beloved Eagles have been fantasy gold. Michael Vick is rated in the top five quarterbacks in most fantasy leagues, LeSean McCoy is also in the top five as far as running back fantasy points, and DeSean Jackson has had a good start to the season (despite the last two games).

As far as the Eagles defense is concerned, it is not wise to own the defense as a unit. But there are some players who will continue to make an impact for those of you in IDP leagues. Linebacker DeMeco Ryans has 36 tackles and a sack in four games, and will continue to be a good start. Cedric Thornton is the Eagles best defensive line fantasy contributor with 22 points so far this season, and Nate Allen actually has 40 fantasy points so far this season. Always remember, it is not always the best players who contribute in fantasy football, but the most opportunistic. Nate Allen is not the best safety, as most of us would agree, but with the amount of completions the Eagles allow, he may be a good start in IDP leagues.

This weekend, the Eagles take on the woeful New York Giants, and the turnover happy Eli Manning. Never would the Eagles defense be mentioned in fantasy football, but if you have to start them, this may the week to do so. Eli Manning has 11 turnovers so far this season, and the Eagles will try to raise that number on Sunday.

Here are the fantasy options for the Eagles and Giants for this week. Rank is a rating from 1-5, 5 being the highest. It represents the start or sit advice. A 5 should start in every single league, a 1 should not start in any league.

Player Rank Projections
Michael Vick 4 320 yards and 2 TD, 60 yards rushing
Eli Manning 4 380 yards and 3 TD with 1 INT
LeSean McCoy 5 115 yards and 1 TD, 4 catches 40 yards
David Wilson 3 65 yards and 25 yards receiving
DeSean Jackson 4 5 catches 90 yards and 1 TD
Victor Cruz 5 8 catches 120 yards and 1 TD
Jason Avant 2 4 catches 35 yards
Hakeem Nicks 4 6 catches 85 yards and 1 TD
Brent Celek 2 4 catches 50 yards
Brandon Myers 3 6 catches 75 yards and 1 TD
Alex Henery 4 2 FG and 4 XP
Josh Brown 5 3 FG and 4 XP
Eagles Defense/Special Teams 2 37 points allowed, 475 yards allowed, 3 sacks and 1 INT
Giants Defense/Special Teams 2 34 points allowed, 460 yards allowed, 4 sacks and a fumble recovery