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All NFL players are now subject to waiver wires if released

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The Eagles will have a decent shot at claiming some quality talent as the season moves forward.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline has come and gone. For several NFL teams, players that they wanted to trade but could not get value for could now be subject to waivers. The league has already seen the practice used by the Ravens on Wednesday when they waived veterans Michael Huff and Marcus Spears. Despite being "vested veterans," both will be subject to the waiver wires due to the end of the trade deadline.

Prior to the deadline, all veterans with four or more years of experience would simply be released and automatically become free agents. With trades no longer eligible, those veterans are now at the mercy of the waiver wire with the Jaguars and Raiders sitting pretty to collect. For the Eagles, this is not necessarily a bad thing. With a 3-4 record and last year's struggles, Philadelphia is positioned well for the veterans released by teams.

Over the next few days, the teams around the league are likely to drop unwanted talent, so it will be Howie Roseman's job to search through the trash to find some treasure.

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