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The Linc - Eagles Need More Playmakers

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/30/13.

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Let's get to the links...

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary: Week 9 - JimmyK,
10) Eagles (3-5)
Not including a kneel down against Tampa, the Eagles have had 27 straight drives without a TD on offense. During that span, they've thrown 5 interceptions, lost a fumble, turned it over twice on downs, and missed a FG. Gross.

Do the Eagles Need More Playmakers? - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
I think you could be a very good offense with them and complementary pieces like Riley Cooper, Brent Celek and Jason Avant…if you had the right QB. Cooper isn’t going to consistently get separation. But he is a big receiver and you can take advantage of his size if you can make tough throws when he is covered, but still "open". Avant is a terrific slot receiver. He just needs a smart QB that can find him on a regular basis. Celek is a solid TE. The problem with that trio is that they aren’t weapons. They aren’t going to catch the ball and make things happen. There will be plays here and there, but nothing with consistency. Celek is very hard to tackle, but that’s not the same thing as other TEs who can really run and be dangerous after the catch. These players need the right guy getting them the ball.

Eagle Eye In The Sky: Giants Review - Fran Duffy,
It’s been a disappointing two weeks, there’s no question about it. Two home games against two of the team’s biggest rivals with first place in the division within a fingertip's grasp; and no wins. The offense has produced three points in eight quarters, and fans are wondering who or what is to blame, which is understandable. This week, however, I implore you to take a look at the big picture. Take the entire season into perspective and not just what we’ve seen the past couple of weeks.

Barkley: I Never Practiced Goal-Line Play - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
"I never got a rep of that play," he said. "You see it on film, you see other guys doing it and so you go through it in your head but the timing of getting it out, of someone coming off the edge like that, you just haven’t experienced that yet."

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings - FanSpeak
20. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week #17):
No matter which QB is in lately for the Eagles, they all seem to be struggling, especially rookie Matt Barkley. Yet another season that Michael Vick can't stay healthy and on the field and it costs the Eagles.

Eagles' McCoy swinging for fence & striking out - Les Bowen, Daily News
Maybe the biggest surprise in the Eagles' loss to the Giants Sunday was that the Birds weren't able to break LeSean McCoy loose, after talking all week about making adjustments to reverse a monthlong downward trend in rushing numbers. Even if Michael Vick hadn't reinjured his hamstring, the Eagles were hardly going to put everything on his back; McCoy was a focal point in this game, and his struggle to gain 48 yards on 15 carries might have had as much to do with keeping the offense scoreless as did the rookie mistakes of QB Matt Barkley.

This Football Team's Locker Room Is Basically Your Facebook Feed - Deadspin
"The Cleveland Browns' $5 million renovation to their training facility left the building covered with corny inspirational quotes superimposed over photos, much like your Facebook feed. And much like your Facebook feed, nearly all of those quotes are misattributed" — Bob Marley

Sam Hinkie Is Hoping There Are A Lot Of Tens In The Deck For The Sixers - Spike Eskin, CBS
Hinkie isn’t the only guy in Philadelphia who is running a sports team whose had his share of criticism in the media. Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, who Hinkie says he’s long been a fan of, has fallen on some hard times recently. Hinkie said while in Houston, they sent members of the organization to watch Kelly’s practices to see if there was anything they could learn. They ended up adapting Kelly’s play calling signs for the Rockets’ D-League affiliate.

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