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Start or Sit: Week 5 Fantasy Football Advice

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Josh Collacchi (@PFF_JCollacchi) takes a look at this week in fantasy football and who has the best matchups for the week.

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PSA: First things first, I'm glad to be the newest member of the prestigious BGN team, and I will be doing some fantasy football work along with others for the site. Like many of you I am a forever 4-for-4 fan in Philadelphia with a passion especially for the Birds. In addition to BGN, you can find my work at and, and I can be reached on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi. I look forward to interacting with you all. Keep an eye out for a Sunday morning open thread where I will be answering fantasy football questions live here on BGN.

It is week 5 in the NFL, and with that the beginning of fantasy football trends are here. Many of you have Dwayne Bowe who is not seeing many targets, or many of you are frustrated with the lack of production by early round picks such as Chris Johnson and Ray Rice. But fantasy football is all about value, and the reason why you are 4-0 or 0-4 is based on the value currently on your team. Should you have waited to select a quarterback and taken Philip Rivers or Michael Vick, you are likely at the top of your league. But if you took a quarterback too early, like Colin Kaepernick, you may be in the middle or at the bottom of the pack.

Hopefully all of you are 4-0, but chances are you have multiple leagues. In one league you may be 1-3, but lead the league in scoring. Trust me, that always balances out. You will remember this when you win by an ugly score of 72-70 one week.

Without further ado, here are the starts and sits for Week 5 in fantasy football.

Keep in mind, this is not the article to be looking for if you want to know if you should start Aaron Rodgers or Calvin Johnson. Start your best players in almost any scenario.



Eli Manning vs. the Eagles

Sam Bradford vs. the Jaguars

Terrelle Pryor vs. the Chargers

Each of these quarterbacks has a good matchup this week, and should have the opportunity to accrue fantasy points. Eli Manning faces one of the worst secondaries in football, but is struggling mightily to start the season. He will be throwing the ball a lot to try to offset the Eagles high powered offense. Sam Bradford is coming off a poor performance, and head coach Jeff Fisher will look to boost his quarterback's confidence vs. the Jaguars. Terrelle Pryor is coming off a concussion, but is slated to start Sunday night. The Chargers defense has not stopped anyone as of yet, and Pryor could be a good bye week replacement or a weekly start for those of you who need a quarterback.

Running back

Reggie Bush vs. the Packers

Arian Foster vs. the Niners

Giovani Bernard vs. the Patriots

All three of these backs are must starts in PPR leagues, but all three should be starters this week in standard leagues as well. Bush is one of the hottest plays in fantasy so far this season, and he looks to have returned to his USC form with Detroit. Arian Foster faces a tough San Francisco defense, but after carrying the ball over 20 times last week as the feature back, Foster will look to repeat last week's production on the ground. Giovani Bernard's snap count has increased each week, leading to more opportunities for the rookie out of North Carolina. With Vince Wilfork out, the Bengals massive offensive line should be able to create holes for Bernard to run through.

Wide Reciever

Wes Welker vs. the Cowboys

Julian Edelman vs. the Bengals

Anquan Boldin vs. the Texans

Each of these wide outs have the potential to have a dozen catches each week, leaving them as must starts in PPR. But as each of these players seems to have a tough matchups, look deeper into it. Wes Welker has not been stopped this season, and with Monte Kiffin's Tampa 2 defense, Welker should have a field day on underneath routes. Julian Edelman will be lined up with the fifth or sixth cornerback on the Bengals roster because of injuries, and Tom Brady trusts him on third downs. Anquan Boldin is one of the only receivers in the NFL that is open even when he is covered. With his strong body and ability to go get the pass, he can beat anyone covering him. Last week, he and Colin Kaepernick seemed to click for the first time since Week 1, and should do so again this week.

Tight End

Brandon Myers vs. the Eagles

Antonio Gates vs. the Raiders

Martellus Bennett vs. the Saints

For as long as many of us can remember, the Eagles have not been able to cover tight ends well. Myers will get plenty of looks this week. Antonio Gates is looking like this Gates of old, and keep riding him while he is hot, because the Raiders will not be able to stop him. Martellus Bennett goes against a Saints team who has allowed the opponents tight ends to score in nearly every game so far this season.


Rams vs. the Jaguars

Kansas City vs. the Titans

The Rams face off against Blaine Gabbert, who has the worst quarterback rating in the NFL, by far. The Chiefs defense is loaded with talent, and they face a team who does not have many weapons on the offensive side of the football.



E.J. Manuel vs. the Browns

Matt Schaub vs. the Niners

Andrew Luck vs. the Seahawks

E.J. Manuel should be a bye week start at best for your fantasy teams, but with a tough matchup this week, it would be wise to seek alternatives. Schaub goes against a great defense in San Francisco, and is bound to come back to earth soon. Andrew Luck has not thrown two touchdown passes in consecutive games since the beginning of last season, and it will be tough to do much against a stout Seattle secondary.

Running back

Demarco Murray vs. the Broncos

Eddie Lacy vs. the Lions

Daryl Richardson vs. the Jaguars

The Denver Broncos have one of the best run stopping defenses in the NFL, but on top of that the opponents have been having to throw to keep up with Peyton Manning. Murray may be collateral damage this week. Eddie Lacy is returning from a concussion, and with fellow rookie Jonathan Franklin playing well, Lacy may be eased back into the starting job. Even if Lacy gets a sufficient amount of carries, he will have to deal with the best interior defensive line in the NFL. Daryl Richardson is slowly but surely losing the job in St. Louis to either Isaiah Pead or Zac Stacy.

Wide Reciever

Marques Colson vs. Chicago

Roddy White vs. the Jets

Dwayne Bowe vs. the Titans

Colston has a tough matchup ahead with Charles Tillman this week, Roddy White is still trying to come back from a injured ankle and it is tough to rely on him in fantasy football if he is not 100%. Dwayne Bowe has not caught more than four balls all season, and there is no indications of that changing.

Tight End

Brent Celek vs. the Giants

Zach Miller vs. the Colts

Coby Fleener vs. the Seahawks

Brent Celek has had continued problems with catching the football, and Chip Kelly does not like drops, as it ruins the offensive flow. Zach Miller may have a hard time finding many touches as the Seahawks will look to run all over the Colts. Coby Fleener goes against the best defense in the NFL, and Bobby Wagner should lock him down this week.


Green Bay vs. the Lions

Dallas vs. the Broncos

The Lions and the Broncos are two of the best offenses in the NFL, and it is not wise to start a defense against either team.

Good luck this week, and join me on Sunday's for a live fantasy thread where I will answer your questions from 11 to Noon EST.

Any other questions, ask me on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi.

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