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NFL Trade Deadline Rumors 2013: Will the Eagles make a move?

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The Eagles have been quiet. Too quiet?

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Today marks the last day that NFL teams are allowed to trade with each other, also known as the NFL trade deadline. All rumored deals have to be finalized by 4 PM EST. Due to the structure of the NFL, trade deadline deals are not necessarily as common in other leagues. Still, it will be interesting to watch if the league's landscape shifts with any big moves on Tuesday.

The Eagles haven't been mentioned in any trade rumors... at least yet. It's not surprising because they are usually a quiet team. It's also likely they just aren't looking to make a move. The team is 3-5 so they aren't going to be "buyers". They don't have any major pieces to trade away as "sellers" either.

A few weeks ago, Mike Kaye discussed some of the Eagles trade deadline options. Mike listed the following names as potential trade targets: Jairus Byrd, LaMichael James, Josh Gordon, and Greg Little. As for current Eagles players to trade away: Brandon Graham, James Casey, Bryce Brown. Byrd and Gordon are the sexy names. They will require high picks to be acquired. If traded at all, they will probably end up on a team who is much closer to contending than the Eagles are.

If anything, expect a minor trade. Something such as the Eagles acquiring a depth player for a late round conditional pick. Or maybe a depth player for a depth player kind of deal. Nothing too fun. The Eagles could use an extra body at cornerback since they are thin there. Perhaps old friend Ryan Grigson, former Eagles assistant GM, and Howie Roseman can work something out. How about trying to swing a deal for that Andrew Luck guy? OK, extremely wishful thinking on my part. In a more serious context, those two have made a number of deals before. It's a logical connection for a depth move.

On a different note, the Niners have been rumored to be shopping former Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Nnamdi's former team doesn't have anything in bringing him back.

We'll see how the day unfolds. BGN have you updated on any rumors that emerge.

What do you think the Eagles should do at the deadline?

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