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The Linc - Chip Kelly's Offense Hasn't Been "Figured Out"

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/29/2013.

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Let's get to the links...

Preaching Patience with Chip Kelly - BLG, BGN
From late last night. It's OK to be frustrated with Chip, but keep things in perspective.

Grading the Eagles at the halfway point: Offense edition - JimmyK,
The Eagles have reached the halfway point in the season and are 3-5. They were 1-3 when we doled out quarterly grades 4 weeks ago, and were a disappointing 2-2 against weak competition in the second quarter. Let's grade them out on Weeks 5 through 8...

More on the Need for a QB - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The Eagles need an answer at QB. A long term answer. Right now I’ll settle for a short term answer. Vick isn’t likely to play this week. Foles is up in the air. There is a decent chance Barkley will start in Oakland. I’ll be pulling like mad for him to go out and play well enough to keep the QB spot.

Chip: Offense Hasn’t Been ‘Figured Out’ - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
"I don’t think that people have it figured out," said Kelly at his day-after press conference. "You can turn the tape on and watch six games of whoever you play that I can tell you what they’re going to do. I can tell you what Peyton Manning is going to do but you still have to stop them. It’s still about executing and I think everybody kind of knows going into the game plan, you’re not going to surprise people eight games into a [season]."

Extra! Extra! 'READ' All About It: The Moose is an Idiot Edition - Chip Wagon
The guys over at Fishduck have harped for years about how none of the national commentators covering college footbal really understand Chip Kelly's offense. Seems this has now been adopted at the NFL level where guys are likely even more lazy. I mean, I get it, these guys played the game. They were players, not some casual fan. They know this stuff. Well, I have had to listen to the likes of Brian Billick, and yes, even Troy Aikman (one of the better commentators on TV) butcher descriptions of what Chip and the Eagles are trying to do. Daryl "Moose" Johnson gets the latest award. He rambled on incessantly about how Matt Barkley had the keeper all day long and the Giants were giving it to him. Anyone find it strange that while he kept obsessing about it, they never bothered to show any replays to prove his point?

Domo's Day-After Dissection: Eagles-Giants - Paul Domowitch, Eagletarian
The shame of Sunday’s 15-7 loss to the Giants was that it wasted a second straight impressive performance by the Eagles’ defense. They held the Giants without a touchdown. They held them to 2.8 yards per carry on the ground and 6.3 yards per pass attempt. For only the second time this season, they didn’t give up a passing touchdown.

Bill Barnwell on the Eagles - Grantland
I think that's the biggest difference between what Kelly was able to do at Oregon and what he might need to do to succeed in the long term in Philadelphia: His offense will require a good quarterback. At Oregon, Kelly basically ran through a series of middling options at quarterback and got great work from just about everybody he tried: Dennis Dixon, Jeremiah Masoli, and Darron Thomas all had success with Kelly as relatively unheralded (or, in Dixon's case, relatively unsuccessful) options at quarterback. Marcus Mariota was a three-star recruit coming out of Hawaii, but he was the most productive quarterback Kelly had at Oregon, and that was as an 18-year-old redshirt freshman. At the professional level, the windows Kelly's offense creates are smaller, and the decision-making his quarterback needs to perform has to be done faster and more reliably than the speed at which his current options operate. Foles misses too many big plays. Vick holds on to the ball too long and isn't accurate. Barkley is a project at best. Philadelphia's quarterback of the future — the guy who will eventually prove whether the Kelly offense can sink or swim in Philadelphia — isn't on the roster right now.

You probably want to, but don’t write off Chip Kelly’s chance at being ‘revolutionary’ just yet - Matt Hammond, The700Level
After only eight weeks write the guy off as an amateur, dismiss his coaching ability despite the fact that his high efficiency scheme doesn’t have a high efficiency quarterback to execute it, and that, in his first year, the absence of said quarterback isn’t on him, is simply lazy, baseless and, um, amateur itself.

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