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NFC East Standings Report - NFL Week 8

Everyone stinks.

Gregory Shamus

It's that time of week where BGN checks up on the Eagles' divisional neighbors: their NFC East rivals.

Yet again, the division stinks. The Eagles lost to the Giants on Sunday but they're still only one game behind the lead. Maybe the Giants are still alive? Dallas lost to the Lions in hilarious fashion. In Denver, Washington was blown out after taking an early lead.

An Eagles loss hurts, but maybe looking at the ineptitude of their rivals is something to cheer you up even if just a little.

Here's a look at the official standings.

NFC East Standings:

1) Dallas Cowboys (4-4)
2) Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)
3) Washington Redskins (2-5)
4) New York Giants (2-6)

Week 8 Breakdown

1) Dallas Cowboys

If you haven't seen how this game ended, you need to do so. Dallas is easily the best team in this horrible division but they aren't without their issues. The Cowboys surrendered 632 yards of offense to the Lions.

The Dallas Cowboys accomplished the impossible on Sunday, well the near-impossible - they lost a football game in which they enjoyed a +4 in turnover margin. If the TV graphics are to be believed, that's happened one other time in 54 games. Not only did the Cowboys somehow manage to blow the game 31-30 to the Lions, but they found a way to do it in the most excruciating fashion conceivable. Truly, this was a monument to futility.

Up next: Home vs. Vikings

2) Philadelphia Eagles

Only one game back from first! Imagine that. Things aren't looking up, though. Philadelphia's quarterback situation is horrible and the offense can't score. A loss to the lowly Giants only makes matters worse.

Losing is not fun, but being shutout for the majority of a game when you are supposed to have a brilliant offensive head coach and a top 3 running back is even worse. Well, that is what happened on Sunday for the Eagles. As if you thought Week 7 was rough, the Eagles offense put on a literally unwatchable performance. We always want to talk about quarterback play, but there is something more to the Eagles offensive struggles.

Up next: Away at Raiders.

3) Washingtonahans

"Oh my gosh, Washington is going to beat the Broncos!" said one person on Twitter. Then Peyton Manning showed up and any hopes of a DC victory was crushed.

Question: What is the only thing worse than getting your teeth kicked in by a superior opponent?

Answer: Having that team toy with you for an entire half before putting their foot on your throat.

This is what happened to the Washington Redskins in their Sunday afternoon game against Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos. The superior team won the game, but not after toying with the emotions of the Redskins and their dedicated fans. To say this was an emotional loss is the understatement of the season.

Up next: Home vs. the Chargers.

4) New York Giants

2 wins in a row for New York. They haven't exactly come against the best teams. The Vikings were starting an unprepared Josh Freeman and the Eagles played an unhealthy Michael Vick and an inexperienced rookie Matt Barkley. Maybe the Giants are really on a rebound (they're not) but maybe they're just hurting their draft position.

Did the New York Giants; 15-7 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles really put them back in the playoff hunt? Well, that depends on who you ask.

The Giants believe they are. The math says they are only two games out with eight games to play, after they were the only NFC East team to win Sunday (thank you Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos!). With two wins in six days they are entitled to some optimism.

Up next: Bye week.

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