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Eagles Quarterbacks Injury Update

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An update on the injury status of the Eagles quarterbacks.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is lamenting the lack of stability at the quarterback position, and it's hard to blame him. Two of the three Eagles quarterbacks are suffering from injury. Kelly gave an update on the quarterback situation on Monday.

Michael Vick reportedly re-injured the preexisting hamstring injury he suffered earlier in the season. Vick left the Eagles-Giants game and did not return. He never really looked anything close to 100% in the first place. The Eagles veteran QB is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday. Kelly didn't seem optimistic about Vick's chances to return anytime soon.

The other injured Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles, went through imPACT testing but no results have been released yet. It's mandatory that Foles, who has a concussion injury, is medically cleared before he can return. Kelly didn't seem optimistic about Foles' return either but nothing is official yet.

If Vick and Foles are out of action, rookie Matt Barkley is likely the next in line to start. The Eagles would also look to add a quarterback to the active roster. QB GJ Kinne remains an option as he's on the Eagles practice squad. The rest of the QB free agent market is slim. It should be noted Dennis Dixon, who spent time with Kelly in Oregon and with the Eagles in the off-season, is available to be signed off the Bills' practice squad.

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