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The Linc - Eagles fall to 3-5

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/28/2013.

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Let's get to the links...

Final Score: Eagles fall to Giants, 15-7 - BLG, BGN

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Giants game - JimmyK,
If you'd rather go for it on 4th and 10 with your offense that hasn't scored a TD in more than 20 consecutive drives and is currently being a led by your rookie 3rd string QB... instead of trusting your kicker to hit a 49 yard FG... you need to upgrade your kicker. Also... As long as we're on the subject of the kicker, that was one of the worst onsides kicks I've ever seen.

Sunday Ugly Sunday - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
A few fans have already started to gripe about Kelly. The guy had a bad day, but I’m still thrilled that he is the Eagles coach and think he is the right long term answer. It would have been so cool if he came in and won right away, but NFL history shows that doesn’t happen very often. There has to be a perfect marriage of roster and new coach for that to happen. Clearly the Eagles aren’t exactly what Kelly wants. He needs time to get the roster the way he wants it.

Defense Continues To Improve - Bo Wolf,
Yes, the focus following Sunday's disappointing 15-7 loss will be on the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position and the sudden inability of the offense to score points. But the rapid improvement of the Eagles defense should not go unnoticed. After allowing 34.5 points per game through the first four games of the season, the Eagles have surrendered only 18.25 points per game over their last four. With a new defensive scheme and a slew of new players on the defense, it appears as though things are coming together with what was once the Eagles' neglected unit.

Kelly Learning the Hard Way With Vick - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
Chip Kelly and the rest of the Eagles’ brass thought maybe, just maybe, this time would be different. All they had to do was figure out a way to bottle the flash.

Kelly needs to expand his playbook - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
It's getting difficult to defend Chip Kelly, and we're not talking about his offense. Since setting an NFL record with more than 425 total yards in each of the Eagles' first six games of the season, Kelly's offense has come to a startling standstill. The unit has managed an average of just 239.5 yards in the last two games and most damagingly has netted a total of three points.

Kelly loses quarterback gamble vs. Giants - CSN Philly
It became painfully obvious Sunday that Kelly had gambled and lost, going with Vick against the Giants without ever really knowing if his veteran quarterback could effectively run the offense at less-than-peak health.


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