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Eagles vs. Giants Final Score: Philadelphia's offense struggles in loss to New York, 15-7

The home losing streak continues. 10 in a row.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles entered today's game losing nine straight at home. For the Giants, it was eight straight losses on the road. Something had to give.


Giants win the toss and receive first. Three and out to start the game. Steve Weatherford shanks a punt and the Eagles take over on their own 42. DeSean was lined up to receive.

Eagles take over and Michael Vick throws an INT on third down. Oh boy. Really bad decision, not sure what he was seeing there.

NYG moves the ball with a couple first downs but the Eagles stop them before entering the redzone. NY field goal by Josh Brown is good. 3-0, Giants.

Next Eagles series isn't much better than the first. Michael Vick sacked, fumbles, but is able to recover. Not a good start. Hard to think Vick is 100% healthy. Eagles punt.

Yet again, the Eagles allow NYG to move into field goal range but no further. Eagles defense is bending but not breaking. FG good. 6-0, Giants.

Eagles take over. Hey, a first down! And mystery man James Casey is the one responsible. The offensive success doesn't last. Vick is called for intentional grounding and the Eagles punt on their next set of downs.

Eagles punt.


Giants ball. Another drive, another field goal. Eagles get a redzone stop and Cary Williams is shaken up at the end of the play. He gets to the sideline on his own power. Meanwhile, Giants kick a FG. 9-0, Giants.

Michael Vick still in at QB, although Barkley is wearing his helmet on the sideline now. Eagles offense isn't doing anything. Runs are easily stopped and not threatening throws. Eagles punt.

Giants ball. A very generous defensive pass interference call on Bradley Fletcher moves them into field goal range. Another drive, another FG for NY. 12-0, Josh Brown.

Matt Barkley officially in at QB. The rookie completes a pass and converts a first down and the crowd goes nuts (somewhat sarcastically). Life on offense! Eagles move into the redzone. Everything is going good until... Barkley fumbles. Welp. It was a nice drive for Barkley up until that point, going 6-7 for 55 yards.

End of the half.


Eagles receive to start the second half. PHI moves the ball down field a bit but ends up in a 4th and 9. Would have been a long field goal (~50 yards), but the Eagles go for it. The snap is fumbled. Barkley gets the pass off but it's incomplete. Turnover on downs, and the first drive of Matt Barkley's career that didn't end in a turnover.

A Giants drive that didn't end in a field goal! NYG punts and the Eagles start deep in their own territory. Eagles can't do anything either. Eagles punt. Then Giants punt. Who's having fun? Anyone?

Eagles have the ball and DeSean Jackson has a chance to get the first, but he tried to run around the defender and make a big play but got stopped. 4th and 1 and the Eagles punt. It's that kind of day.


Giants field goal. 15-0, Giants.

Eagles punt on 4th and 4. What? Why? Probably not the best decision.

With a little over 4 minutes remaining in the game and the stadium more than half empty... a touchdown! A real, live, TOUCHDOWN!!! A bad snap by Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie led to a Najee Goode recovery for a TD. Somehow, the Eagles are still in this?! 15-7, Giants.

Eagles onside kick on the ensuing kickoff. Uh, it doesn't work. Probably not the best decision. Why not make the Giants drive the field?

Game pretty much over at this point after the Giants run time off the clock. Eagles lose, 15-7.


The Eagles were horrible today. The home losing streak continues. Michael Vick didn't look ready to play. Matt Barkley looked like the 4th round rookie third string quarterback that he is. Chip Kelly made some bad decisions.

The Eagles defense didn't give up a touchdown, so I guess that's something. They certainly gave the team a chance to win. The offense, yet again, didn't hold up their end of the bargain.

The Giants are a really, really bad team. The fact that the Eagles lost to them at home says a lot about the state of the Eagles right now.

Most important takeaway from today?