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Eagles vs. Giants 2013: Game Predictions

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How are you feeling about this one?


There isn't a good reason why the Eagles should lose today. The Giants are the worst team in all phases. As long as the Eagles don't give this game away, their chances look good.

The major question mark is Michael Vick. He's starting after practicing all week and then passing a sprint test on Friday. Just how healthy he will be remains to be seen. Vick struggled throwing the ball against the Giants in their first meeting. Will the hamstring injury hamper his effectiveness, especially when it comes to running?

Chip Kelly has to be hungry to score points after only managing 3 at home against the Cowboys last week. The same goes for LeSean McCoy, who will be looking to improve upon last week's performance.

Bill Davis and the Eagles defense have another great opportunity to prove their side of the ball is headed in the right direction by doing exactly what they should do: shutting down the poorly executing Giants' offense.

End the streak! Let the fans revel in a home win in the first time in too long.

For what it's worth, all of the BGN writers picked the Eagles to win today.

Now, it's your turn. Leave your predictions for today's game in the comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll.

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Score prediction:
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My predictions:

Score prediction: 20-16, Eagles win.
Bold prediction: Damaris Johnson TD

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