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Nick Foles performance vs. Cowboys not impacted by injury

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Just a bad performance.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles played terribly against the Cowboys last Sunday. He threw for a mere 80 yard on 11-29 passing before leaving the game in the fourth quarter with a concussion injury.

But how could he look so bad after putting up a nice performance against Tampa Bay the week before? Some wondered if Foles' poor performance was injury related. Per a very reliable reporter, Tim McManus, it has been confirmed that injury wasn't the issue.

Shortly prior to the Cowboys game it was reported that Foles had a groin injury, despite the Eagles not officially listing him on their injury report. However, Foles was listed on the Eagles' final injury report the week before the Cowboys game (at the Bucs) with a groin injury. In other words, the injury was preexisting at most.

Others suggested Foles suffered an injury on a big hit earlier in the Cowboys game, but no evidence of this claim has become apparent. It seems the most likely scenario, as the report by McManus states, is that Foles just had a bad performance. No excuses.

Foles is still recovering from the concussion that knocked him out of action. Michael Vick will start at QB for the Eagles when they face the Giants tomorrow.

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