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The Linc - Phil Simms says not smart things

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/26/2013.


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Let's get to the links...

Interesting Test - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
This Giants game could be important. This is the first time a team will face Chip Kelly’s offense for the second time. The Giants get the chance to show how an NFL team can adjust to Kelly’s offense. They did a fantastic job against LeSean McCoy in the first game so that gives them something to build off.

Wulf's Den: Preventing The Big Play - Bo Wulf,
Defensive coordinator Bill Davis faced many challenges when he took over the Eagles defense this offseason. Implementing a new scheme with a slew of new players is no easy task and it certainly takes some time. While the defense as a whole appears to be improving every week, there was one immediate goal that Davis wanted to execute right away. He wanted the Eagles to stop being a big-play defense. Last year, only one team in the NFL allowed more big plays in the passing game than the Eagles. Twenty-five passes against the Eagles netted at least 30 yards, which tied for the second-highest such number in the league. Through seven games this season, the Eagles defense has allowed only six such plays, which ties them for fifth in that category.

Eagle Eye In The Sky: Giants Preview - Fran Duffy,
It’s only been a couple of weeks since the Eagles last took on the New York Giants. When they last met, New York was reeling off of two losses where they struggled to move the ball or stop anyone defensively. Before that game in Week 5, I took a close look at Big Blue and covered a number of issues they were having, including their problems in the secondary and on the offensive line. While those issues are still apparent, this is a team that is getting healthier and has confidence coming off their first win of the season on Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings. They are one of the Eagles' staunchest rivals, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things they’re having some success with at this point in the season on the offensive side of the ball, and what makes them so dangerous.

Eagles' Mathis overdue some recognition - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
There's been a joke among the Eagles offensive linemen that Evan Mathis has a personal stake in Pro Football Focus, the website that compiles advanced statistics and ranks players. For the last three years, Mathis has been rated the best left guard and among the best linemen in the NFL by the site's amateur evaluators. The Eagles line could struggle in pass protection and fail to open holes in the run game, as they did earlier this month against the New York Giants, and Mathis would still receive a positive rating. Mathis is good, his teammates tease, but that good?

Scouting Report: Eagles' defense vs. Giants' O - Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly
The Eagles have improved each week on defense, going from showing small signs to life to taking a major step forward last Sunday against Dallas, holding the NFL’s second-ranked scoring offense to just 17 points. Where they were weakest in the preseason, up front in gap assignments, they’ve made the most strides since the opener. They’ve allowed just 221 rushing yards in their past three games and for the season, they’re allowing just 3.8 yards per carry.

Three-And-Out: Eagles-Giants Predictions - Birds 24/7
Kapadia: Eagles 30, Giants 23
Despite last week’s three-point output, I’m still a believer in the Eagles’ offense. Unless the hamstring really bothers Vick and he puts up a serious clunker, I expect the Birds to move the ball successfully. I’m seated firmly on the fence with this defense. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying they’re a top-10 unit by any means. But last week didn’t look like a fluke to me. It seemed more that guys were getting comfortable, and that includes the defensive coordinator. If progress is really being made, the Eagles should be able to create turnovers and limit the Giants, who are completely one-dimensional. I’ve got the Eagles winning and covering the 6.5-point spread.

Phil Simms ranks Eagles offense among five worst units in NFL; Eagles player calls it 'stupid' - Jordan Raanan,

Here's a tweet that best sums this up.

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