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Michael Vick Injury: Friday is the Big Test

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The Eagles' quarterback plans to push himself to the limit in Friday's practice to see if he can play on Sunday.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick spoke to the media after Thursday's practice and indicated Friday will be a big test for him. The Eagles usually have a light practice on Friday, similar to a walk-through, but that won't be the case for Vick this week. He will take part in a 100 yard sprint to see how the hamstring injury holds up. The veteran Eagles quarterback described himself as "apprehensive" about the test but also "optimistic". Vick is planning to push himself to see if he can play on Sunday vs. the Giants. The Eagles' quarterback hasn't officially confirmed whether he will play or not.

Running is obviously a huge dimension of Vick's game. If he's not 100%, it could hamper his performance and therefore affect the Eagles' chances of winning. Vick expressed his desire to get back on the field. "I'm ready to do [the test]. I'm ready to get it out if the way. I really want to go out there and sprint and run." No one can question Vick's toughness. If he's out there, he will give it his all.

"If I'm out there, I'm full go," Vick said.

With Nick Foles still out with a concussion injury, Vick and Matt Barkley are the only healthy quarterbacks on the roster. TE James Casey is the team's in-game emergency QB and GJ Kinne was recently on the practice squad.

It was reported earlier in the week that Vick will play on Sunday, and it still looks like that will be the case despite the lack of a confirmation. It's only a matter of how well Vick will be able to run around. Tomorrow is a big test for the Eagles' quarterback.

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