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Eagles vs. Giants 2013: 5 Questions with Big Blue View

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Giants blogger Ed Valentine took the time to answer some questions about the Eagles-Giants game on Sunday.

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With the Eagles and Giants scheduled to face off on Sunday, I reached out to SB Nation Giants site Big Blue View for a NYG perspective. Ed Valentine kindly took the time to answer my questions.

Let's take a look at the answers.

1) Assuming they are both healthy, which QB would you rather the Giants face and why: Michael Vick or Nick Foles?

That, actually, is not an easy question to answer. Vick presents an issue because of his ability to run, especially on broken plays or when rushed. Foles, I think is the better passer, the more technically proficient guy. I might take Vick only because I think the potential is always there for him to make the big mistake.

2) An Eagles victory on Sunday means they are 4-4 and right back in the division race. The Giants' season is pretty much over, so what would a NYG win mean to the team/fans?

Well, I can't stand the alleged 'fans' who root for their team to lose so that they can get a higher draft pick. That's nonsense because no draft pick is a guarantee. The object is to win, every week. If you aren't rooting for your team to do that, you aren't really a fan.

What would this win mean? Well, at this point I think Giants' fans just want to see the team play some good football. Let's suppose the Cowboys lose to the Lions on Sunday which is realistic. That means they hit the halfway point 4-4. If the Giants win they would be 2-6, only two game back. It sounds crazy to think that a team that started the year 0-6 could have any chance, but in that scenario there would be a glimmer of hope.

3) Following up on that... who would you rather see win the division this year: the Cowboys or the Eagles? Yeah, you have to pick one!

Well, considering my answer to your last question you know I'd like to say neither. And I will admit to hating you just a tiny bit for making me answer this question.

That said, forced to answer that question I would say answer that involves 'Cowboys lose' or 'Cowboys miss the playoffs' is ALWAYS a good answer. So, by default, I would take the Eagles.

4) What's your impression of Chip Kelly through his first seven games as the Eagles' head coach?

I think Chip Kelly has done a good job

Intriguing. By and large, I think he has done a good job. I am old-fashioned in a lot of ways in that I can't stand all this read-option college style stuff. One thing I do love that you see from the Eagles, Patriots and a few other teams is the faster pace on offense. Get to the line of scrimmage, get plays off, trust your quarterback to put you in a good play, especially if you have a veteran QB you can trust with those responsibilities (which the Giants do). This huddle-up after every play and bring the clock down to zero before you snap the ball stuff is ridiculous. I wish more teams would follow Kelly's lead on that.

5) Let's hear a game prediction from you.

Well, I am going to pick the Giants. First, I have to believe that they are capable of some good football at some point, and they've been better the last two weeks. Second, my apologies but I'm still not buying that the Eagles are actually a good team. The Giants gifted them a victory three weeks ago. Giants 24, Eagles 21

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