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Should the Eagles take a flyer on TE Tony Scheffler?

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More tight ends, please?

Gregory Shamus

The Detroit Lions released veteran tight end Tony Scheffler on Tuesday after over three years service. The former collateral damage of Josh McDaniels' destruction of the Broncos offense has been relatively-productive over his eight seasons in the league but had been dealing with concussion issues this season and fell behind rookie Joseph Fauria on the depth chart.

The Eagles, who made a tight end a priority in the offseason, have yet to fully-embrace a 12 personnel look. The lack of a two-tight end sets may be due to Zach Ertz's lack of experience, Brent Celek's recent tendency to drop passes or that Chip Kelly actually likes his wide receiver group. Scheffler could be a solution as a role player for the Eagles and allow for more personnel versatility.

The 30-year-old has been a solid number-two tight end in the league and ran a 4.54 forty-yard dash at the Combine in 2006. Over eight seasons, Schleffer has collected 3,207 yards and 22 touchdowns playing in the slot and at tight end. He could possibly be an upgrade over Celek as a receiver and a bigger target than Jason Avant at 6-foot-5.

It has been clear over the last few weeks that the offense needs more options. Scheffler is not a world-beater but could be a valuable role player with experience for the Eagles. He is at least worth taking a flyer on as he is can likely be signed for the veteran minimum with the Lions already paying his $1.6 million salary for the season.

Would you add a veteran like Scheffler to the roster or are you happy with the current offensive weapons?

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