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Fantasy Football: Injury Ramifications

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Josh Collacchi takes a look at the latest injuries in fantasy football and what to do with your roster.

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Injuries are a part of the game, and why each NFL team carries 53 men on their rosters. Injuries are going to happen, but it is one of most frustrating parts of fantasy football. Many owners have seen their top players go down over the years, and everyone seems to get unlucky with injuries.

This year it seems there have more been impact injuries, and fantasy owners are scrambling to the waiver wire left and right. Here is a look at some of the key injuries from the past week, and possible replacements on the waiver wire.

Jay Cutler - Cutler suffered a torn groin this past week, and Josh McCown will resume the starting duties for the Chicago Bears. McCown becomes a decent bye-week replacement, but if Cuter was your QB1, you may want to add Geno Smith and play the matchup by week.

Sam Bradford - Bradford was on pace for his best season in the NFL, and looked as if he was progressing nicely, but a torn ACL will end his season. The Rams starter is now listed as Kellen Clemens. This leaves the St. Louis Rams with zero reliable fantasy options for the rest of the season with the exception of Zac Stacy in deeper leagues.

Doug Martin - Doug Martin was a first round pick in almost every single league in existence this season, and there were some people who wanted him instead of Adrian Peterson. Martin is likely out for the remainder of the season despite the fact that Greg Schiano says otherwise. Mike James is the starter for the Bucs now, and should be added in almost every league. Martin saw a ton of work, and James should now see the bulk of the touches for Tampa Bay.

Reggie Wayne - This may be the second most detrimental to a lot of fantasy owners as Wayne is the perfect WR2. He has been a staple for many owners this season as a consistent double digit point threat. Now with Wayne tearing his ACL, T.Y. Hilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey become the top targets for the Colts, but one has to think Indianapolis will go even further into their identity as a "power-running" team. Hilton is on most fantasy rosters, but is a buy-low option for Wayne owners if you want him.

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