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NFL Power Rankings 2013, Week 8 : Eagles Compilation

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Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

Earlier today at the site I released my Week 8 NFL Power Rankings. But for some people, that's not enough, and what is only one opinion worth?

So here is a round up of how various media outlets have ranked your Philadelphia Eagles. Let's start by revisiting mine:

20) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 17) - Tough loss to their division rival. Nick Foles stunk up the joint as well did the rest of the Eagles offense. The defense has been slowly improving, however.


19. Philadelphia Eagles

For the first time this season, Chip Kelly's offense did not total at least 400 yards. This week's game also erased whatever dim hopes you had for Nick Foles. The good news is that he did not throw an interception, and that's all the good news. He completed 38 percent of his passes for a stunning 2.76 yards per attempt.

Blogging the Boys

20) No matter how innovative Chip Kelly might be (and the jury is still out on that question), when I watch them play, the old coaching phrase that Joey reminded us of - "It's not about the Xs and Os, but the Jimmies and Joes" - resonates in my mind. They have a deluxe talent at running back, a good deep receiver, a couple of promising D-linemen, and little else. The real question in Philly isn't about QB, but about talent evaluation, which had been sub-par since Joe Banner was deposed a few seasons back. (LW: 18)

The Phinsider

19) Had a shot to claim the division lead against Dallas, but couldn't do it with Matt Barkley. (LW: 17)

Behind the Steel Curtain

21) Chip Kelly: Hey guys, where's Portland State on this schedule?

Michael Vick: My body hurts.

Nick Foles: Mine does too.

Kelly: I don't think I'm reading this thing right.

Mile High Report

24) Matt Barkley is just another typical USC quarterback and the Eagles found that out the hard way. (LW: 23)

Music City Miracles

18. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 16)

Cincy Jungle

24) Nick Foles doesn't seem to be the answer in Philly either. (LW: 20)


24. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4, LW: 18)
Remember how I said the Eagles had no reason to go back from Nick Foles to Michael Vick? Yeah, well, forget that.

Kirwan, CBS

25. Philadelphia Eagles: A week ago, the speculation was that it was time for Nick Foles to be the permanent starter. But he suffered a concussion vs. the Cowboys and probably heading to the bench in favor of Mike Vick.

Prisco, CBS

17. It's time to go back to Mike Vick. Even if Nick Foles is healthy, he isn't the answer. (LW: 15)


19) Nick Foles may have won the starting job for Michael Vick after Sunday's performance. Foles is now 2-6 career as a starter, with both wins coming against the Bucs. (LW: 17)


21) Do you think the Eagles will have another Vick/Foles joint press conference to now name Vick as the starter? At least we can rule out Matt Barkley as a viable option. (LW: 17)

Analysis: The highest PHI ranks is 17 and the lowest is 25. 21 or 22 seems like a reasonable way to split the difference. They would have received a decent boost had they beaten Dallas. Instead, they fall a couple spots. Next week will be a chance to stop the bleeding if they can beat the Giants at home. A loss to NYG would mean another big drop.

Some weighed in on the Eagles QB situation as well. Unsurprisingly, they weren't as high on Nick Foles as they were last week. Matt Barkley didn't make any fans either.

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